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Eye of the Storm: Support Your Local Scene

Debunking the always misconceived myth.

Sometimes people ask questions. Sometimes they misunderstand things. There are times when I get to thinking about it and decided to write it down instead of holding it in. Ever hear or wonder what people meant by “Support your local scene”? A quick look inside my head.

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Guest Article: EVO 2014: An Emotional Event, by Samantha Leichtamer

When epic goes to a whole new level. . .

With the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV – a game that boasts the largest cast of any Street Fighter on console – EVO 2014 looked to be one for the ages and it didn’t disappoint. This years EVO had more upsets than a March Madness bracket. Luckily I didn’t lose any money, but I know a few people who did. It was a tournament of many surprises, many tears, and many firsts.

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Video: Final Round 17: Assemble!

Looking back on one of the best FGC tournaments of 2014.

Over the years, Final Round has grown to become one of the premiere tournament destinations for the entire competitive fighting game community. This clip showcases just a small overview of some of the veteran (and new) faces who briefly express why the Atlanta-based event brings them altogether.


And here. we. go. . .PAX East 2014 Gallery is Live!

When words just isn’t enough to illustrate an epic time.

Well, it’s no secret that the party of three who attended PAX East 2014 this year (consisting of Dayasha, Lance and myself) was loaded with non-stop smiles and excitement on the hour. As we prepare the final touches on our forthcoming content, we thought this would be a great moment to showcase some of the awesome visuals we captured in Boston last weekend.

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Physical copies of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Exclusively Offered via Online Retailers

Amazon and ClubNamco.com to offer alternative to purchasing game digitally (for a limited time).

Namco Bandai has confirmed that it will produced a limited run of physical copies of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, slated for an exclusive release via Amazon.com and ClubNamco.com. The standard release will be offered via digital release on the PlayStation Network.

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Videos: Game Underground Monthly Vol. 7 Matches

Catch archives of AE 2012, Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and more! (Zoop, zoop!)

Last weekend, PTB dropped by on its neighbors in Framingham, Mass – home of Game Underground who regularly host monthly events for a variety of events including Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, and even Magic: The Gathering, to name a few.

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