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That’s So Random: Still In There

#packitup? Not anytime soon.

It’s been difficult to accept, but I am starting to think that my passion for being a diehard gamer has come and gone. The thought of playing any type of standard console-based game over an extended period of time feels alien to me. And while it’s no secret that I spent what could be equated to a near-endless amount of hours to playing every iteration of Street Fighter 4, I can only toss up a few titles in recent memory that were actually played from start to finish. That’s a huge contrast from the 1990s, which gave birth to the iconic games like Space Channel 5, Sonic Adventure, Gunstar Heroes, Final Fantasy VII, and the list goes on and on.

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pwnit featured

So You Think You’re Godlike? Pwnit! Would Like You To Test That Theory

See how your best moments stack up to the rest of the world.

Pwnit a  new video sharing service centered around gaming and social nerd stuff wants you! They want to see how good you are, to see if all that smack you talk makes you a legend or a lemming.

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NIS America stuns us with new trailer and visuals for NAtURAL DOCtRINE

If you can work together, then you might make it out alive. 

This September, KADOWAKA GAMES, LTD. along with publisher NIS America bring you a unique strategy game of which preparation and teamwork are the utmost keys to survival. Hit the jump to feast your eyes on a brand-new trailer and screenshots of the Sony-centric game!

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The Console Warriors Will Soon Become World Warriors.

Ono let us know that Street Fighter will find a new home eventually.

Yep, we all were begging for it. Street Fighter is a series that has enjoyed great success on the current generation consoles . But it could be time to move on. Continue reading

WTF eSports

Quoth the Gamer: eSports in Peril Pt.1

Progression with an equal amount of setbacks. 

This is the side of eSports that literally pains me as a huge supporter.  Whether it’s a lack of respect for female gamers, or horrible promotion of the “sport.” There’s so many things wrong with eSports and not enough people willing to regulate it. Continue reading

Fightro Featured Image Revised

Fightro The New Way To Play Socially

The day an app was announced that revolutionized the FGC was the most important day of your life (For Stitch Digital, it was Tuesday).

The announcement of Fightro by Stitch Digital is a radical step forward for the Fighting Game Community. By integrating social media, registration, and  local attractions; it promises to be the central hub for the FGC lifestyle that is growing ever more popular.

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