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WTF eSports

Quoth the Gamer: eSports in Peril Pt.1

Progression with an equal amount of setbacks. 

This is the side of eSports that literally pains me as a huge supporter.  Whether it’s a lack of respect for female gamers, or horrible promotion of the “sport.” There’s so many things wrong with eSports and not enough people willing to regulate it. Continue reading

Fightro Featured Image Revised

Fightro The New Way To Play Socially

The day an app was announced that revolutionized the FGC was the most important day of your life (For Stitch Digital, it was Tuesday).

The announcement of Fightro by Stitch Digital is a radical step forward for the Fighting Game Community. By integrating social media, registration, and  local attractions; it promises to be the central hub for the FGC lifestyle that is growing ever more popular.

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Follow & Win a Final Round XVII Decapre T-Shirt!

The time has come for another giveaway. . .

So several of you been hitting me up via PMs or whatever – when you gonna release dem shirts??? They pretty cool, right? Well if you didn’t have a chance to pick up one from Final Round – not only is my man, Shin Blanka giving you an opportunity to win shirts, but now you can also enter via your boy, Chris Bahn.

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Enjoy Pre-Winter Brawl 8 Coverage LIVE, Courtesy of Team Spooky

Madness on deck, ha, ha!

By now, everyone who regularly tunes into Team Spooky has been glued to their seats as competitors get in their last-minute training for the upcoming Philly-based event: Winter Brawl 8, hosted by Big E Gaming.

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Crisis Averted, Titanfall Beta Now Open to All

The perfect marketing campaign, or was this a sneaky troll planned all along to drive interest?

Boy, Nelson (the Simpsons character that is, not Larry Hyrb) would be pointing and laughing right about now. Over the past 12 hours, gamers have been going crazy over getting their first-hand experience withTitanfall, a title that will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated games releasing for the Xbox One and PC this quarter.

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Enter to Win an Xbox One Console, Courtesy of h.h. gregg!

Have we got your attention now? Read on for details.

Listen up. Here’s an awesome opportunity to win a new console without having to leave your house. Thanks to H.H. Gregg, one of America’s leading retailers for consumer electronics and appliances, who is currently giving away free Xbox One consoles in a special holiday campaign called the Xbox One Power Hour.

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