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Watch: OBS Episode 86: Winter Brawl 8/SCR Special feat. PR Rog, Yipes, ESGN TV’s Dan Chou, and More

 Tune in!

This episode has been going on since 10 PM EST, but you can still watch the show going on LIVE, featuring me as the co-host along with the host JamesMK.

Guests include: PR Rog, Yipes (no off-the air), CORN’s CEO Adonis, and ESGN TV’s Dan Chou aka Frodan.

Watch the stream below – we’ll be featuring the archive when it hits Youtube.

Watch live video from TheOnBlastShow on www.twitch.tv

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Enjoy Pre-Winter Brawl 8 Coverage LIVE, Courtesy of Team Spooky

Madness on deck, ha, ha!

By now, everyone who regularly tunes into Team Spooky has been glued to their seats as competitors get in their last-minute training for the upcoming Philly-based event: Winter Brawl 8, hosted by Big E Gaming.

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The Adventure Begins Again in 2014

Yes – there’s a pulse. We still function!!!

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. Things have been rather crazy offline. We encountered a couple of things that required our immediate attention, which demanded the editorial operations take a back seat. Priorities y’know. . .

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