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iPhone 6 Event Today 10AM PST / 1PM EST

iPhone 6? iWatch? iOS 8? Apple’s highly anticipated event happening today!

Rumors of the iPhone 6 have started on the day that the iPhone 5S was released, perhaps even longer than that. Talks of a long awaited 4.7-inch screen have circulated the tech world with conceptual designs made by fans along with leaks from China all over the internet weeks before today’s event.  Continue reading


Show Us Your Mobile Gear!

Let’s see what you got! Send us your favorite on the go tech!

Working in running a region of six sales teams in the telecommunications industry involves lots of travel but at the same time it gives me the opportunity to utilize a lot of mobile tech which is what I love to play with anyway. Continue reading


Downplaying the Xbox One Needs to Stop, Guest Editorial by Arthur Red Hill

More individuals need to keep an open mind.

As I browse the web, I can’t help but notice reputable sites like IGN, Forbes, and Gamespot, I can’t help but notice “reputable” and other sites out there speak on how the PS4 has sold 5.4 million units, how the Xbox One can’t output 1080p and 60fps. While, I think its clear that I am more on the side of Microsoft; mainly because its an American product which I think most people [in my circle] forget, I am NOT oblivious to the amazing product that Sony has.

But, It amazes me how desperate people (blogs, websites, etc etc) are quick to point out sales numbers and other info on a console (XB1) that is only in 13 territories for now! 

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What’s in a Name? That Which We Call a Steambox

PC by any other name, in six months, will still be obsolete.

It’s been a few months now of hype now surrounding the new “Steambox” concept and I have to ask: what’s the point? How can we honestly get super excited about a blatant repackaging of a preexisting service?

I don’t understand it.

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