About Us

Put That Back (PTB) is an editorial/media agency, originally created with the means of joining the mainstream video game movement and running stories with a daily frequency. However, the Internet has drastically changed the means of how information is curated. Content tends to be heavily recycled extensively, the last thing this site needed to do was follow in their footsteps.

Our goal is to provide an official media platform of original stories with a community-driven content; presented with a personalized angle to supplement the usual destinations you visit throughout the day. Our team consists of passionate, gaming enthusiasts and industry veterans who thrive on putting a creative, insightful spin on the stories they come across, covering the spectrum of fighting- and mainstream video game-related stories.

PTB also provides event photography services for a variety of including, but not limited to competitive gaming, music-based events, weddings, trade shows and more. For a closer look at our current portfolio, please visit our sister webpage at http://www.ptbpro.org


Contact Us

Have a potential product or article you’d like to see featured? Please direct any tips, editorial considerations and questions to bahn[at]ptbdotorg[dot]com! We will respond to you within 24 – 48 hours. Thank you!