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PDP and Empire Arcadia

[Update] PDP Business Deal with Empire Arcadia Developing

The World Record holding team inks deal with PDP.

Update: 8:15 p.m. EST – Marketing and Public Relations Director of Empire Arcadia Arthur “Red” Hill released a statement earlier this evening to clarify a miscommunication between his organization, Empire Arcadia and PDP.

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NuckleDu Takes Charge As CEO Of UpYourGame; New Sponsorship with Black Triangle

A rising star hailing from Tampa has a bright future!

I had a chance to catch up with the young yet talented Du “NuckleDu” Dang who, to no one’s surprise, has been adorned with a few of new titles as of recently in the competitive video gaming community. Hit the jump to catch the full Q/A session.

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Hype Approaching, Get Ready for ECT 2014

Our bodies are ready. . .

East Coast Throwdown 2014 is just under two days away and the folks here at PTB couldn’t be more excited to join our fellow FGC brethren for an awesome weekend. The sixth event, hosted by LI Joe and Sweet Johnny Cage will be held in Seacaucus, NJ at Two Harmon Plaza.

By now, you know that essentially most of the East Coast border will be coming out to support the event featuring competitors from Team Replay’d, Always Godlike, Kick Punch Block, Empire Arcadia, Revolution Gaming, and UVG. And expect to see a significant degree of West Coast (and Midwest) representation including the Four Horseman of EG: Justin Wong, KBrad, Ricky Ortiz and PR Rog.

Pre-registration is closed, so last-minute entries will have to pay at the door. Additional details, pool brackets, and more can be found on the official ECT website. We look forward to seeing you there!

(Photo credit: Rob Paul Photography)

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ESGN or FGC? Kbrad Breaks it Down

Dayasha chats with his teammate about “Fight Night”. Is this the future for the FGC?

Hours after his return from Germany as a guest on the new web broadcast, ESGN, Kbrad took some time away from the stick to share his experiences with his fellow brother-in-arms/friend/Big Boss, FNEX | Dayasha.

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Kahl-One Productions Announces Defend the North Featurette

Famed cinematographer goes behind-the-scenes of New York’s first major

Defend The North (DTN), was New York’s very first major fighting game tournament, organized by Andy Dumornay . With the feel of a rising West Coast tournament, DTN was made to bring on the best of the East Coast’s fighting game competition under one roof.

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First Look: Discover Arcadia

A new dynasty is under way.

A new teaser trailer of Discover Arcadia, a comprehensive documentary created by filmmaker Kahleem Poole, follows the players and their respective contributions to the competitive video game organization, Empire Arcadia has just gone live earlier this afternoon.

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