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The RL Button: Why Pulling Flappy Bird was a Bad Idea

Why Dong Nguyen needs to set his bird free.

Because of the unwanted attention, developer Dong Nguyen took down down his ultra popular mobile game Flappy Bird. But with the huge momentum behind this game, taking his ball going home is huge mistake for Nguyen. This is the moment for the developer to harness the Flappy Bird brand while it’s still hot, rather than just throw in the bird coop.

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Flappy Bird Developer To Take Down Popular Game

It looks like Flappy Bird has hit a pipe.

Independent game developer Dong Nguyen tweeted on Saturday that he would take down his hit game Flappy Bird. The hit game has earned millions of downloads, giving the dev attention he apparently did not want.

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Review: MOGA Pro Power and MOGA Hero Power

Best Android gamepad but questionable charging concept

I’ve been a fan of the MOGA game controller concept since it was first released about a year ago for the Android phones. The XBOX-like controller turns your phone into a fully functional game console with it’s built in retractable grip that holds your phone at a comfortable viewing angle for portable play.

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