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Review: Clash of Clans

Massively multiplayer action on the go has never been so enjoyable.

They’ve stuck again. Despite all our attempts to fortify our defenses and level up our troops to the highest level, every acre within the village was devastated. Our resources were completely wiped out and all I could do was think: “I can never turn this game off!”

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PAX East 2014 Hands-On: Woah Dave!

If you had a good time at PAX East, you probably hadn’t played this game.

Games available to play at PAX East were generally easy to play, or at least set to one of the easiest phase so not to frustrate attendees. But with the “kill-the-monsters” indie game Woah Dave!, however, insists on paying homage to the old-school games, namely the stereotype that old games are hard.

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The RL Button: Why Pulling Flappy Bird was a Bad Idea

Why Dong Nguyen needs to set his bird free.

Because of the unwanted attention, developer Dong Nguyen took down down his ultra popular mobile game Flappy Bird. But with the huge momentum behind this game, taking his ball going home is huge mistake for Nguyen. This is the moment for the developer to harness the Flappy Bird brand while it’s still hot, rather than just throw in the bird coop.

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