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Under Night In-Depth: Al_Rikir Studies Seth’s ‘Twin Hook’ Special

Sometimes you have to hit the books.

Canadian Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player and combo video enthusiast Andy “Rikir” La has gotten his hands on the new anime-style fighting game, ‘Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late‘ (or UNIEL, for short), but with this video it’s not about flashy combos. Hit the jump to learn more of his recent discovery with the unconventional character, Seth.  Continue reading


Crisis Averted, Titanfall Beta Now Open to All

The perfect marketing campaign, or was this a sneaky troll planned all along to drive interest?

Boy, Nelson (the Simpsons character that is, not Larry Hyrb) would be pointing and laughing right about now. Over the past 12 hours, gamers have been going crazy over getting their first-hand experience withTitanfall, a title that will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated games releasing for the Xbox One and PC this quarter.

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DojoSports and TeamKhaos Launch Season 2 5v5 Tonight at 8PM PST

Another dose of AE 2012, need we say more???

Just as one fighting game exhibition wraps up, another one is already gearing up later tonight. This time, it’s from the folks over at TeamKhaos, working in conjunction with our friends at DojoSports (the nationwide gaming league created by Jason “AfroCole” Cole). More after the jump. . .

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