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Battlefield hardline Featured

EA Locks Down Official Date For Battlefield: Hardline beta

Pew, pew!

EA may have finally picked a date to launch their modern warfare shooter, Battlefield: Hardline beta. According to an interview with Synthis, the open beta will be available for fans sometime January 2015. Although players wont be able to play the full game until 2015, the beta should be to hold fans off until the release date.

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Hype Inbound: Do A Barrel Roll!

Fox McCloud and company are set to return on the WiiU!

So back at E3, Mr. Miyamoto himself announced that a Star Fox game was in the works for the WiiU! Not much has been said about it, as the tech demo shown was very early in the development cycle. However, we did get to see some game play! Continue reading


Quoth the Gamer: eSports in Peril Pt.2

It might just be dollar signs to some.

It’s not just the players and communities guilty of holding eSports back. Organizations only cater to crowds that already have a large following. There’s plenty of competitive games that would draw a crowd if people saw that they were actually being played. Continue reading

WTF eSports

Quoth the Gamer: eSports in Peril Pt.1

Progression with an equal amount of setbacks. 

This is the side of eSports that literally pains me as a huge supporter.  Whether it’s a lack of respect for female gamers, or horrible promotion of the “sport.” There’s so many things wrong with eSports and not enough people willing to regulate it. Continue reading