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New Features Unveiled for Strider

Game modes and new duds, sign us up.

Capcom revealed several new additions that will be included in the 2014 edition of Strider, set to debut later this month. Players can look forward to a variety of objective-based campaigns in the new Challenge Modes, as well as additional bonus content which the company is certain will resonate with longtime fans of the legendary assassin.

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PS4: It’s Here, It’s There, I Don’t Really Care

Hopping on the early adoption train is rather bleak right now.

The next generation, went from being “tea, earl grey, hot” to “meh, i’d rather not” in record pace for me

The day I got my PS4 was an odd moment in time, it was the first time I ever got a console at launch. Now, as I opened the box the words of a friend ran through my head. These words being “pioneers are the ones who end up with an arrow in their back.”

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Skullgirls Returns in 2014 as Skullgirls Encore

A new era kicks off with Lab Zero’s prolific indie fighter.

Looks like Skullgirls will live on to fight another day. Recently, the news came across the wire that the wacky 2D fighter would be delisted from the PlayStation and Xbox Live libraries, following the split between Konami and the publisher, Autumn Games. However, no one expected that the franchise would be reborn as Skullgirls Encore. 

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Review: Chaos Code

Everything but net.

Early in their programming career, FK Digital’s directors Michael and Mickey Lin have always allowed their passions and appreciation for the art of fighting games to drive their creativity. Case in point -Super Cosplay War Ultraa free-to-play quirky 2D fighter released in 2009, was such a hit in Eastern territories, the team was inspired to take their vision to the next level.

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