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Under Night In-Depth: Al_Rikir Studies Seth’s ‘Twin Hook’ Special

Sometimes you have to hit the books.

Canadian Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player and combo video enthusiast Andy “Rikir” La has gotten his hands on the new anime-style fighting game, ‘Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late‘ (or UNIEL, for short), but with this video it’s not about flashy combos. Hit the jump to learn more of his recent discovery with the unconventional character, Seth.  Continue reading


Getting Back on Track

Because moving forward is the direction we want to go. . .

I apologize for the recent lack of updates, but I can assure you that things will get back to normal once I’ve wrapped up with the Final Round XVII coverage. If you were actually present at last week’s event, then you know that I went the extra mile to capture a lot of great footage and a few interviews to boot.

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PTB ScoreBoard – 8 On The Break #212
















Results: 06/18/13

[box_dark]Injustice: Gods Among Us[/box_dark]

1st – (VXG/EMP) Phillip “KDZ” Atkinson
2nd – Riyo
3rd – Mike Infinite
4th - (EMP) Darth Arma
5th – (IPG) Maxout
5th – Jonn Nitti
7th – (DCB) WinterFell
7th – BTT

[box_dark]Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3[/box_dark]

1st – VEX
2nd – (IPG) Maxout
3rd – (DCB) WinterFell
4th – (VXG/EMP) Phillip “KDZ” Atkinson
5th – (IDB) Troy
5th – (DCB) Cosmic
7th – (IDB) K Sharkz
7th – (IPG) Static Gorilla

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