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Opinion: Facebook And Oculus Rift

As SNK used to say: The Future is Now.

Oculus Rift is one of the seminal names in the state of modern immersion gaming. The company has been refining its product and has been slowly working toward a consumer release. Facebook just bought Oculus for two billion dollars.

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Getting Back on Track

Because moving forward is the direction we want to go. . .

I apologize for the recent lack of updates, but I can assure you that things will get back to normal once I’ve wrapped up with the Final Round XVII coverage. If you were actually present at last week’s event, then you know that I went the extra mile to capture a lot of great footage and a few interviews to boot.

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The R/L Button: The FGC Academy

 Class is in session.

French Fighting game player Kayane recently announced that would start a new project in Paris called “Kayane Academy”, where she would teach fundamental skills that could be applied most fighting games (and for free, no less). Her motive behind this admirable gesture is simple: bring in new players the competitive scene desperately needs. If Kayane is willing to teach new players in France, why can’t other players teach in the rest of the world and grow the fighting game community?

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Edition Select Trailer

Should Tournament Organizers Let Ultra SF4′s “Select Edition” Rock at Events?

This could possibly be the essential pulse to keep things lively (or not). Straight talk from your boy, Dayashathirsts!

So Capcom shocked the interwebs, and well, the entire fighting game community overall by revealing a new feature for Ultra Street Fighter 4. At long last, players can finally experience their dream matchups by selecting their preferred characters from any of the previous version of Street Fighter 4. 

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Twitch Rules Pokémon!

Victory emerges from the madness.

In February, a cruel yet fun experiment called “Twitch Plays Pokemon” took Pokémon Red Version and allowed the public to control one character. When a massive group of people are playing one single player game, madness is bound to ensue. But from that madness came progress. This morning, the effort of hundreds of thousands of players earned a victory over the Elite Four and the Blue, thus completing the game.

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Opinion: Kojima is out of his Mind!!

That Metal Gear Solid-related gear costs how much?!?!?

While we know most fans are willing to sacrifice leg and limb to own practically whatever type of paraphernalia in existence, there are some limits. Such is the case with the new Metal Gear Solid shoes, jacket, and yes. . .there’s a badass watch to go with it. More after the jump.

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