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Runback with Dungeon of the Endless

Atrain runs it back with a solo recap on the official alpha build.

Adrian “Atrain” Valdez returns for another look at Dungeon of the Endless, originally previewed several months ago. Check out our new updated report to see if the impressions has changed since the beta build. Catch the quick breakdown after the jump.

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Need Matches On Tinder? Spooky Will Hook You Up

You know you’re Hollywood when you can get a dude a date.

During Next Level Battle Circuit a moment went down that was certified hype. LilEvil was throwing down against Native Impact. He wasn’t only looking for the W, he was looking for a match. With a single statement from Spooky. For LilEvil, all his dreams came true.

Check it all out in this video:

Source: r/Kappa

Image Credit: Robert Paul Photography. Follow him on Twitter at @tempusrob


Retrofit: Dennou Coil

A look at what was missed.

So everyone knows their anime, right? I mean, we all know at least a couple in this day and age through conversation or television. Have we missed some gems over the years though? I want to make it my goal to help you guys find some here and there. This will be done through an aptly titled regular series called “Retrofit”. Continue reading


A Rare Alpha 2 Session Video Appears

Welcome back to the age of footsies!

Sometimes it’s great just to revisit your roots, and if you’re an avid old-school competitor like myself, you can certainly relate. Over the past few years, players old and young get together to casually spar in classic games like Street Fighter Alpha 2. We uncovered some unreleased footage featuring yours truly in action against some of the local New York talent while visiting Next Level about a year ago.

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Show Us Your Mobile Gear!

Let’s see what you got! Send us your favorite on the go tech!

Working in running a region of six sales teams in the telecommunications industry involves lots of travel but at the same time it gives me the opportunity to utilize a lot of mobile tech which is what I love to play with anyway. Continue reading