Demon Gaze Out Now

Dungeon crawling is on the menu. Anywhere you want it to be!

NIS America is back with Demon Gaze, a handheld RPG the PS Vita. It follows Oz as he comes of age and comes to terms with his new found power as a Demon Gazer.

It is a first person dungeon crawler, so get used to tight dark places. It is retailing for 40$ in both digital and physical formats.



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PAX East 2014: Divekick AE Interview feat. Geoff the Hero

Nope, it’s not Tuesday.  .  .it really happened.

No, you’re not imaging things. PTB has teamed up with the legendary Geoff the Hero, and it certainly won’t be the last. Kick back and enjoy as he chats with Keits who shares his insights on Divekick: Addition Edition featuring Johnny Gat of Saints Row fame.

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PAX 2014 Spotlight: Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Bringing order to chaos, one stronghold at a time.

Last week, we had the chance to personally check out the all-new Orcs Must Die! Unchained, a new multiplayer game currently in development for the PC.

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Review: Deception IV; Blood Ties

Traps, Traps Everywhere!

Imagine being able to lure foes into the most intricate setups of traps you ever came up with. With the amount of variety given to players are able to essentially build their imaginations desires.

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Fightro Featured Image Revised

Fightro The New Way To Play Socially

The day an app was announced that revolutionized the FGC was the most important day of your life (For Stitch Digital, it was Tuesday).

The announcement of Fightro by Stitch Digital is a radical step forward for the Fighting Game Community. By integrating social media, registration, and  local attractions; it promises to be the central hub for the FGC lifestyle that is growing ever more popular.

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