Sting Joins the WWE 2K Universe

“The only thing that’s for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure…” 

Except for this! Sting has been announced as the character you get for pre-ordering WWE 2K15! Following in the foot steps of his former tag team partner the Ultimate Warrior, in last year’s game.

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The International to be Broadcast on ESPN

eSports will now have a television audience!

The International, is a world championship tournament for the game DOTA 2 that’s hosted by Valve Corporation. The fourth edition will be held this weekend with a reported prize pool of $11 million dollars!

This event is sold out by the way.
The world is watching!

ESPN will be broadcasting the entire tournament on ESPN 3. With a special preview of the finals set to air Sunday on ESPN 2 at 8:30pm. This will be the only way to spectate, as the Keyarena has been sold out!

MLG at the X Games was only the tip of the ice. It looks like ESPN is looking into bringing eSports to a larger audience.


Guest Article: EVO 2014: An Emotional Event, by Samantha Leichtamer

When epic goes to a whole new level. . .

With the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV – a game that boasts the largest cast of any Street Fighter on console – EVO 2014 looked to be one for the ages and it didn’t disappoint. This years EVO had more upsets than a March Madness bracket. Luckily I didn’t lose any money, but I know a few people who did. It was a tournament of many surprises, many tears, and many firsts.

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Persona 4 Cast

Marie Escapes From The Velvet Room To Join The Cast Of Persona 4: Ultimax

Another great day at your Junes!

In the new issue of Famitsu, it was revealed that the Velvet Room’s resident poet, Inaba’s tsundere side walk stander, and now an insult hurling fighter, Marie; is joining the fray in Persona 4: Ultimax.  Continue reading


Quoth The Gamer: Evolution 2014

With the stakes at their highest, emotions ran even higher.

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