Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Winners Revealed

Who were the lucky participants??

Our Phantom Breaker contest wrapped up just a few hours ago and we’re going to make this short and sweet so the winners can jump right in and enjoy their new game.

Congrats to: @wiredzero and @scottsteuck – your digital copies are available and will be sent to you via PM on Twitter, along with a bonus copy of the new DLC character. 

Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for additional giveaways in the immediate future!


Runback with Dungeon of the Endless

Atrain runs it back with a solo recap on the official alpha build.

Adrian “Atrain” Valdez returns for another look at Dungeon of the Endless, originally previewed several months ago. Check out our new updated report to see if the impressions has changed since the beta build. Catch the quick breakdown after the jump.

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US Playstation Store holding digital flash sale; all games $9.99

All the blockbusters your little hard drive can muster. 

The Playstation Store loves to shove deals in your face (especially if you’re a Playstation Plus Subscriber), and this weekend is no different. This weekend holds a grand sale where every game listed is $9.99! Hit the jump to feast your eyes on this grand deal.

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Square Enix Wants Your Lunch Money

Back to school usually means book covers, marble notebooks, pencils, and a lingering feeling of dread. 

Fear not, for Square Enix is here to soften the blow with some stellar deals on some of their biggest titles. It’s a stacking deal, 20% off for one qualifying item 30% for two and 50% for three items. Continue reading


UMG Dallas Showcases Call of Duty’s Top Teams

CoD Ghosts teams head to Dallas to do battle

The action will be starting live on August 22 at 5 pm CT! Gandhi, Maven, Goldenboy, and MR X will be on hand to provide commentary all weekend long!

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