Review: Deception IV; Blood Ties

Traps, Traps Everywhere!

Imagine being able to lure foes into the most intricate setups of traps you ever came up with. With the amount of variety given to players are able to essentially build their imaginations desires.

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Fightro Featured Image Revised

Fightro The New Way To Play Socially

The day an app was announced that revolutionized the FGC was the most important day of your life (For Stitch Digital, it was Tuesday).

The announcement of Fightro by Stitch Digital is a radical step forward for the Fighting Game Community. By integrating social media, registration, and  local attractions; it promises to be the central hub for the FGC lifestyle that is growing ever more popular.

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PAX East 2014 Hands-On: Out There

It’s one of the best games you can find…out there.

While most mobile games are know for their simplicity, Out There is an exception to the rule. It is a space travel strategy game that takes a lot of skill to even be mediocre. But the game is so appealing, chances are that you will just hit restart and have no regrets about it. Continue reading


0rbitalis: Out Now For Early Access on Steam

Space travel is not a game until someone makes it one. 

An alpha version of 0rbitalis has been released by publisher Mastertronic on the Steam store. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get only one shot to send something on a planned course through the cosmos? If so then this game is right up your alley. Available on Steam for 25% off until the 23rd of April.

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(Editor’s Note: Looks like I need Cdmr. Data to figure out what he just said.)

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