Habitat Soon to Orbit the PlayStation 4!

The strategic space survival game is headed to PS4!”

Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit will be launching on a console near you during the course of 2015! Not only will it be available on PC, Mac, Linux, and the Xbox One, but it will now be available on the PlayStation 4! Continue reading


AirMech Arena Hits Xbox Live!

“The free to play,  action packed RTS is now on your Xbox 360!”

Real time strategy games have become seemingly exclusive to the PC as a platform. Carbon Games aims to change that with AirMech. It was designed with console strategy game fans in mind, and now it’s available to play! Continue reading


The next digital legacy is here! Hands on with Destiny Beta

Beyond the final frontier, lies a remarkable experience.

It’s one of the most heavily talked about shooters ever since Bungie announced it and now, the beta is finally here. Find out our official thoughts through the eyes (and skills) of Hirostormwolf (aka Brandon Jumper). Be sure to of course subscribe to his channel as well at  and look out for more insight in the immediate future. Catch the video after the jump!

Continue reading


ESPN Becoming More Involved With eSports!

“I don’t think you can say it’s a fad anymore.”

The network looks to be very pleased with the success of The International’s television broadcast! With around 20 million viewers, it’s no surprise that they feel it’s time to give eSports another push.

It’s reported that they’re looking to work with MLG again some time in the near future. Call of Duty at the X Games was a great event, and I can see them looking to televise the next one!