Steam’s 2K Games Sale gets rather… steamy; Ends August 20-24th!

Get critically-acclaimed games for a critically low price. 

Every day at around 1PM EST, the guys at Steam like to push out an update of their store catalog along with any notable sales with it. Today, 2K has opened the floodgates with amazing games such as Civilization V, Borderlands 2, and Bioshock Infinite being sliced down to a mere fraction of their original price. Hit the jump for the list of  some of the featured games.

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These are the Samurai Warriors you were looking for. . .

New details and modes unveiled. 

Team Ninja has cooked up a few new images for the upcoming action installment, Samurai Warriors 4, set to release this October for PlayStation 4, PS3 and the PS Vita systems. The sequel will introduce several new features including a new Chronicle Mode, allowing players to unlock new officers and items throughout the single-player campaign.

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Red Bull Battle Grounds Takes on Detroit

It’s about to go down!

Red Bull Battle Grounds is back, and this time their heading to Detroit. For the first time ever, Detroit will hold one of the biggest tournaments around, StarCarft II. The three day tournament will bring players from around the globe, Including Australia, Korea, Canada and Mexico, in order to compete in front of a live audience of fans.

Whats at stake? A $25 thousand prize pool, as well as being in the final remaining spot. The remaining 8 will take to the stage once again for the Red Bull Battle Ground Finals September 20th-21st in Washington, D.C.

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Kneel Before The Mighty Bison: FGA|Mono Highlights From First Attack In PR

When someone makes the impractical, well simply practical.

Character specialists are a force to be reckoned with. Watch Mono put in work against some of the best on the western hemisphere. Names like PR Balrog and Nuckledu all from this weekend during First Attack (the event he organized).

The Tuesday after a major will never be the same.

Jimmy Fallon Pierce Brosnan featured

Jimmy Fallon Plays Pierce Brosnan In Goldeneye For N64.

I feel a disturbance in the force, millions on nerds crying out in joy.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has been doing some awesome stuff. Especially tech and gaming related coverage. But Mr. Fallon took it a step further recently during a recent episode.

We expected more from you Mr. Bond.


Retrofit: Dennou Coil

A look at what was missed.

So everyone knows their anime, right? I mean, we all know at least a couple in this day and age through conversation or television. Have we missed some gems over the years though? I want to make it my goal to help you guys find some here and there. This will be done through an aptly titled regular series called “Retrofit”. Continue reading