Who Will Make The Google Nexus 6?

LG may be the likely candidate to step in.

For the past few weeks we’ve heard rumors about  upcoming  smartphone the Google Nexus 6.  Some leaks have surfaced and claim that the name for the new smartphone will not be called the Nexus 6, but will actually be called the Nexus X.

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PTB First Impressions: Super Smash Bros for 3DS Demo

The smashing continues.

So I got my hands on a code for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and downloaded the demo. This game is visually appealing, and quite fun to boot. I had no true expectations going into this game, so once I get to play it, I took note to a few things. This will prepare you if you don’t manage to get a code by 09/19/14.
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Dead Rising 3 featured

Video Review: Dead Rising 3 PC

The Xbox One exclusive lets PC users through the velvet rope.

Last years highly praised launch title has landed on PC. Dead Rising 3 is now available and for the first time non-Xbox users can get their hands on it. It might be a case of be careful what you wish for. Watch our review of the game below.

[Editor's note, a patch was released post review and Capcom claims it fixes some of the issues with the launch version of the game.]


League of Legends teases upcoming game type ‘Ascension’ with new trailer

“We have the power; now strangle them with it!” 

In the world of League of Legends, changes are always taking place. But this one is a big change; a new gameplay mode will soon be pushed from the PBE (public beta environment) to live servers, called ‘Ascension’. Read on for more gameplay info and a new trailer!

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List of Participants For the Hearthstone World Championship Released!

The qualifying players for the NA and EU regions have been revealed.

The list of players that will be competing in Hearthstone’s qualifying tournament have been revealed! Of these players, the top four finishers from North America and Europe respectively, will advance to the World Championship!

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Alien Isolation Featured

Are You Going To Make It? SEGA gives you a peek at Alien Isolation

It’s even scarier when you know what’s coming.

Dropping on October 7th, Alien Isolation is a survival horror title that is looking really solid. To ramp up the anticipation SEGA is releasing a series of trailers leading up to the release; asking the question, “how will you survive?”