Skullgirls releases playable character DLC Eliza tomorrow; Community Combo Videos

The catfight gets even crazier. 

The fast-paced 2D indie fighters gets another addition to the rather diverse cast. Eliza has been finalized and is ready to be pushed from the Endless Beta to the retail game as DLC. For only $5, you can nab this aztec aphrodite. On the fence? Check out these combo videos!

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Season Pass trailer and details for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Story missions, character skins, and more in this $20 package

Tomorrow will be the day that Shadow of Mordor releases in the United States. This brand-new Lord of the Rings adventure brought to us by WB Games is one of the most stylized and personal experiences yet, and the content keeps on rolling with the ability to purchase the Season Pass!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.07.07 PM

That’s So Random: Still In There

#packitup? Not anytime soon.

It’s been difficult to accept, but I am starting to think that my passion for being a diehard gamer has come and gone. The thought of playing any type of standard console-based game over an extended period of time feels alien to me. And while it’s no secret that I spent what could be equated to a near-endless amount of hours to playing every iteration of Street Fighter 4, I can only toss up a few titles in recent memory that were actually played from start to finish. That’s a huge contrast from the 1990s, which gave birth to the iconic games like Space Channel 5, Sonic Adventure, Gunstar Heroes, Final Fantasy VII, and the list goes on and on.

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Does the Wii U Has the Best Version of “Bayonetta”?

Nintendo doesn’t always publish M-rated games. But when it does, it gives the PlayStation and Xbox versions a run for their money.

Eurogamer.net reported on three comparison videos for the original Bayonetta: one comparing the Wii U version to the Xbox 360 version; one comparing the Wii U version to the PlayStation 3 version; and one displaying all three versions side by side.

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Fairy Fencer F

Fairy Fencer F: Review PS3

JRPGs are coming back really strong leading into 2015 and Fairy Fencer F doesn’t disappoint.

Swords, fairies, furies, gods, goddesses, anime, dungeons and a really quirky and interesting cast make Fairy Fencer F a title to look out for among RPG enthusiasts. The game is out now for PS3.  Continue reading


China Cracks Down On Gambling in Arcades By Lo-Jacking Machines

So…Does anyone still want to have a money match?

Gambling in China is extremely huge in China arcade, and also very illegal. It is so big a problem, authorities in Shanghai are now fitting arcade machines with a chip that can detect whenever games are tampered with.

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