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Is Your Body Ready? Capcom Pro Tour Kicks off at PAX East 2014/Civil War VI

Too much hype!

As we prepare to get underway for what will undoubtedly be an remarkable weekend, Capcom has revealed full details on the next run of events taking place in Boston and Virginia.

For starters, all diehard and genuine enthusiasts alike know that the halls of PAX East will be filled with lots of great action featuring mainstream and indie developers showing off new tech, gear, and then some. But it will also be the home for the first Capcom Pro Tour ranking tournament hosted a trade show.

Competitors will have a shot at a $3000 prize pot that will be distributed to the top 8 competitors as follows:

  • 1st = $1000
  • 2nd = $700
  • 3rd = $500
  • 4th = $300
  • 5th & 6th = $150 each
  • 7th & 8th = $100 each

The action will take place at the Twitch booth (#934) on April 12th. Players interested in signing up are highly encouraged to come early on April 11 between the hours of 11a – 6pm. Please note that there this will be a 64-player bracket and will be open to those on a “first come, first serve” basis. Brackets will then be created and players should check back at the Twitch booth by 6pm to get their pool assignments.

Pools will run on Saturday from 12 – 6, followed by the Top 16 running the following day from 1p – 6p. If you can’t make it, then be sure to check out the stream at Capcom Fighters. Look forward to a variety of player interviews as well upon the conclusion of the event.

In case you’re wondering, yes, Mr. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas will be in attendance, and that means you can all look forward to Ultra Street Fighter IV with full hands-on play at the Machinima booth #974. (You can also visit Eventhubs for the final changelog updated peridoically.) Expect to see familiar faces including Evil Geniuses Justin Wong, Kbrad, PR Rog, Always Godlike’s Lucky D, Team Replay’d Alex Smith, and many others.

And that’s not all – Combofiend will be taking part in the GameSpot’s “Demolish the Developers” panel on Saturday (4/12) from 9-10pm in the Bumblebee Theater. Peter will be taking on all challengers and letting PAX attendees test their mettle to see if they have what it takes to beat him at his own game.

More details can be found at: http://east.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/demolish-the-developers.

Last but not least, if you’re heading out to Virginia, then you may have learned our friends running Civil War were graced with the being part of the Capcom Pro Tour season. This is one event you wont’ wanna miss if you aren’t coming out to Boston. The action will, of course, be masterfully streamed by no other than Spooky – the full stream will kick off on Saturday April 12.

And as for our coverage – well expect lots of pics, and a few interviews here and there. There’s a lot going on, but one thing is for sure, the weekend will be FAR from dull.

Tip: Alex Smith

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Winter Brawl 8 Interview: Craig Keller | The Steam Co.

Get your puff on and stay healthy!

If you’ve been to one of Big E’s recent events, chances are you’ve come across this fine company that’s been on the rise in the e-cig industry, operating out of Orange, CT. We talk with Craig about The Steam Co, his origins, Ultra Street Fighter 4, and more.

Visit The Steam Co. at http://www.thesteamco.com/

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Edition Select Trailer

Should Tournament Organizers Let Ultra SF4′s “Select Edition” Rock at Events?

This could possibly be the essential pulse to keep things lively (or not). Straight talk from your boy, Dayashathirsts!

So Capcom shocked the interwebs, and well, the entire fighting game community overall by revealing a new feature for Ultra Street Fighter 4. At long last, players can finally experience their dream matchups by selecting their preferred characters from any of the previous version of Street Fighter 4. 

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Video Review: Strider (PC)


No you’re not seeing double – we really did launch TWO reviews for the same game. It’s just THAT good!  If our standard hands-on review wasn’t enough to get you excited, Brandon has stepped in to bring you another awesome video review of the highly anticipated next-gen platformer.

We don’t think anything else needs to be said other than kick back and enjoy.

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Review: Strider (PS4)

Special A-Class Strider, Codename Hiryu reporting for duty

Strider is one of those iconic characters that either makes you share a early nineties nostalgia tear for us oldies. Or for you younger folk, causes a fair bit of head scratching and chuckling about a cyber-ninja with a frilly scarf, a red-tinted SARS mask, and a really stupid looking sword. Now, some may say, there’s no way he can win they have a gun, he has a knife. Welp this is the magic of Strider, quite simply it’s over the top action only a ninja can deliver.

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New Features Unveiled for Strider

Game modes and new duds, sign us up.

Capcom revealed several new additions that will be included in the 2014 edition of Strider, set to debut later this month. Players can look forward to a variety of objective-based campaigns in the new Challenge Modes, as well as additional bonus content which the company is certain will resonate with longtime fans of the legendary assassin.

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