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Dhalsim Curry Featured

Capcom Helps You Stretch Your Meals

Yep, they did it, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

Capcom has released a new product, “Dhalsim Curry”, it is exactly what it sounds like. Yoga fire jumps straight off the screen into your mouth. It’s extra spicy, and is made from habanero peppers. read more about it here

Dhalsim Curry Close Up


Could this be part of a brand revitalization campaign from Capcom leading up to the announcement of a new game? Only time will tell.

(Images: Gigazine)

Source: Gigazine, via Kotaku



The Console Warriors Will Soon Become World Warriors.

Ono let us know that Street Fighter will find a new home eventually.

Yep, we all were begging for it. Street Fighter is a series that has enjoyed great success on the current generation consoles . But it could be time to move on. Continue reading


Could The New Costumes Spell Trouble For Ultra Street Fighter 4?

Guess it’s not all fun and games when the Street Fighter 4 cast goes on summer vacation.

This video recently surfaced about a particularly ugly glitch that is brought on by Hugo’s command grab special when using his Alternate 3 costume. See the official proof for yourself, after the jump!

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Title Update

It’s not the patch we want, but it’s the patch we deserve.

Video after video, and report after report have been emerging, all saying that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is riddled with bugs and all sorts of ugliness. This update is fixing a large number of issues with the current build of Ultra Street Fighter 4. It will go live tomorrow