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Square Enix Teases New Fighting Game Entry: Dissidia

Not much is concrete about it yet, but with a lot of magic, flashy moves and enough hair gel to get their bangs just right.The most iconic Final Fantasy characters return for a new entry in the Dissidia franchise. While being fan favorite titles on the PSP, the series is coming to arcades sometime soon; and it looks like it’s going to be a frantic 3v3 battle setup. More details will be coming on April 10th.

But for now check out the trailer below.

Final Fantasy Type Zero HD

Don’t Mind Them, Just Saving the World

Sometimes I get a little bummed out at how much I’ve been disconnected from the long-running Final Fantasy series. In recent years, the franchise has been branching out with more action-based themed RPG installments that for many fans, has been a welcome departure from its slower-paced predecessors. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is still several months away and Square Enix…