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Square Enix Wants Your Lunch Money

Back to school usually means book covers, marble notebooks, pencils, and a lingering feeling of dread. 

Fear not, for Square Enix is here to soften the blow with some stellar deals on some of their biggest titles. It’s a stacking deal, 20% off for one qualifying item 30% for two and 50% for three items. Continue reading


The Shamus Showcase: Why an Xbox Exclusive Tomb Raider Matters

Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the Xbox.

Notoriously known for housing the mobs of Call of Duty players, as well as any console multiplayer focused gamer, Microsoft seems to be taking the initiative to broaden their variety of games. Aside from the indie craze that is flooding current-gen consoles, the games revealed at E3 were not the usual point and click shooters that thrive on Xbox.

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Final Fantasy XI

12 Years Of Final Fantasy XI and Square Enix Isn’t Done Yet

Adventures roll ever onward in Adoulin

Square Enix has announced a wave of updates for the ongoing MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. This is the fifth full expansion to the title which launched in 2002. It comes with a number of new features outlined after the jump.

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