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The Radar: September 2014

What’s the PTB crew looking forward to? 

[Editor's note: The Radar will be a monthly feature, highlighting what we at PTB are personally interested in. It might be games, music, art, books, anything really. Stay tuned each month and hopefully we can share a piece of ourselves with you.]


Destiny – Somewhere in deep space lies a crisis that Bungie has insisted everyone on Earth has to resolve (because quite frankly, Master Chief is far too busy and doesn’t exist in their new sci-fi universe).

Due to the most unexpected circumstances; I never had the chance to partake of the recent beta. But from all the details I’ve gathered, Destiny certainly looks like a game that’s right up my alley.

I’ve really missed playing campaigns where I can pair up with a bunch of friends and just have a good time blowing up shit.And sure, I realize there’s a competitive aspect to the game too – there’s plenty of time to be taking on those other obsessed challengers far down the line.

It’s cool, bruh. Y’all get your chance to beat your chest months from now after I am done cheesing out with the reality that I am actually indulged in an epic game that doesn’t involve memorizing frame data and combos. Plus, with the added bonus of getting the game digitally for the next-gen systems is such a sweet bonus. How can I possibly pass that up?

You know the deal guys – take my money. Eh, most of it!


Persona 4: Ultimax – This is not just the latest fighting game to drop this year; this game is a continuation of the Persona canon. I recently started playing through the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series and needless to say I was hooked. Before playing the earlier Persona games, Vanilla P4A was to me at least just another anime fighter; I had no idea who the characters were, the world, it was just some muti colored button masher with high school kids packing pissed off ghosts.

This time around though, I’m totally in there. Even if I don’t play it competitively I’ll play it for the story mode and now with the DLC option for vanilla’s story mode I don’t have to buy the original version to enjoy the full story. It’s dropping on September 30th for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Jizue – Shiori: Physical release, this jazz rock fusion band from Japan is something special. their new album Shiori dropped last month digitally but has not seen a physical release yet in the US. Here’s a sample of their latest work, hopefully we’ll see a domestic physical release this month.


Hyrule Warriors – It sort of looks like a Legend of Zelda game, but it is not conventional Zelda. In this hack n’ slash game that mirror Dynasty Warriors’ gameplay, Link is training to become formal member of Hylian Army. Apparently his training consists of cutting down enemy forces and leveling up your weapons.

Bobby D.:

Magnolia Memoir’s Pale Fire: Most people may recognize the name Mela Lee as the voice of Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue, or perhaps Rin Tohsaka from the Fate/Stay series. However, few know that she’s the lead singer of an amazing band called Magnolia Memoir.

They’ve got a great Jazz sound to them, and their new album is coming out September 16th. If anything, give her a listen. She has a strong presence, and puts in a lot of work.

I’m personally excited as someone who enjoys all types of music. Her voice sent chills down my spine when I first heard her sing. Something tells me that I’ll probably have her music on repeat once I get it. They have a Facebook page, and Mela also has a twitter to follow.



Pokken Questions Answered

So many question, so little answers.

With official announcement of the Pokemon-based fighting game Pokken Tournament, there are a some fair questions about this title unaccounted for. With my knowledge on Pokemon and fighting games in general, I will attempt to answer some of the unanswered questions.

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New 3DS Super Famicom

New 3DS Announced And It Blows The Current Line Up Away

Nintendo takes it back to the old school with these new 3DS designs.

The 3DS has enjoyed immense success with a very basic package. The 3DS platform has had the same control scheme pretty much since its inception with the original DS fat. But today Nintendo changed the game during their Nintendo Direct showcase.

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Square Enix Wants Your Lunch Money

Back to school usually means book covers, marble notebooks, pencils, and a lingering feeling of dread. 

Fear not, for Square Enix is here to soften the blow with some stellar deals on some of their biggest titles. It’s a stacking deal, 20% off for one qualifying item 30% for two and 50% for three items. Continue reading


Retrofit: Dennou Coil

A look at what was missed.

So everyone knows their anime, right? I mean, we all know at least a couple in this day and age through conversation or television. Have we missed some gems over the years though? I want to make it my goal to help you guys find some here and there. This will be done through an aptly titled regular series called “Retrofit”. Continue reading


Denpa Men Invading The Airwaves No Signal Is Safe

Wonka-Vison meets Teletubbies? Keep reading to find out more.

Genius Sonority Co., Ltd has announced that The Denpa Men have escaped and are now wreaking havoc all around us. Only those with 3DS cameras can see them as they go out and perform their nefarious deeds.

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