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The Shamus Showcase: EA vs. Ubisoft E3 2014


At the Electronic Arts Conference, I was really looking forward to this conference just to see the next Mass Effect game be announced. Instead, what I got was a series of empty teases. Along with Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge 2, the formula for the majority of teased games goes as follows: developer tells you that they are working hard on a game, people are then shown working, some pre-alpha footage is shown, developer tells you to wait and see without giving any useful information. It was a very disappointing conference for me, and as a whole, it didn’t really stand out.

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E3 2014: Holy Speed Limits, Batman – First Arkham Knight Batmobile Footage

Watch the Dark Knight kick ass behind the wheel!

You know, when Arkham Origins dropped, I was initially ecstatic, but it’s no secret that the game fell short of perfection. We all wondered, where was Rocksteady in all of this? Why did they let another developer take the helm?

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Child Of Light Out Now

The adventure begins anew.

Child of Light from Ubisoft is out worldwide.  With stunningly detailed watercolor backgrounds and a quaint but challenging turn based battle system; prepare to save Lumeria with the help of a guiding light.

In a sort of watercolor meets fairy-tale setting, Princess Aurora fights all sorts of creatures wielding the power of luminescence. With stunning visuals and ingeniously creative environments; Child of Light does wonders to fuse the active gameplay of Western RPGs with turn-based combat seen in JRPGs.

It is available on Xbox One/360 and PS3/4.

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Welcome To Beautiful Lumeria: New Trailer For Child Of Light

Let there be light? Only after April 30th.

The upcoming action RPG Child of Light from Ubisoft Montreal; has recieved a full length feature trailer. It displays some stunning visuals and the game is due out at the end of the month. RPG fans have a lot to look forward to with this one.

RPG fans have a lot to look forward to with this one.

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