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And here. we. go. . .PAX East 2014 Gallery is Live!

When words just isn’t enough to illustrate an epic time.

Well, it’s no secret that the party of three who attended PAX East 2014 this year (consisting of Dayasha, Lance and myself) was loaded with non-stop smiles and excitement on the hour. As we prepare the final touches on our forthcoming content, we thought this would be a great moment to showcase some of the awesome visuals we captured in Boston last weekend.

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Follow & Win a Final Round XVII Decapre T-Shirt!

The time has come for another giveaway. . .

So several of you been hitting me up via PMs or whatever – when you gonna release dem shirts??? They pretty cool, right? Well if you didn’t have a chance to pick up one from Final Round – not only is my man, Shin Blanka giving you an opportunity to win shirts, but now you can also enter via your boy, Chris Bahn.

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Opinion: Facebook And Oculus Rift

As SNK used to say: The Future is Now.

Oculus Rift is one of the seminal names in the state of modern immersion gaming. The company has been refining its product and has been slowly working toward a consumer release. Facebook just bought Oculus for two billion dollars.

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Downplaying the Xbox One Needs to Stop, Guest Editorial by Arthur Red Hill

More individuals need to keep an open mind.

As I browse the web, I can’t help but notice reputable sites like IGN, Forbes, and Gamespot, I can’t help but notice “reputable” and other sites out there speak on how the PS4 has sold 5.4 million units, how the Xbox One can’t output 1080p and 60fps. While, I think its clear that I am more on the side of Microsoft; mainly because its an American product which I think most people [in my circle] forget, I am NOT oblivious to the amazing product that Sony has.

But, It amazes me how desperate people (blogs, websites, etc etc) are quick to point out sales numbers and other info on a console (XB1) that is only in 13 territories for now! 

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Enter to Win an Xbox One Console, Courtesy of h.h. gregg!

Have we got your attention now? Read on for details.

Listen up. Here’s an awesome opportunity to win a new console without having to leave your house. Thanks to H.H. Gregg, one of America’s leading retailers for consumer electronics and appliances, who is currently giving away free Xbox One consoles in a special holiday campaign called the Xbox One Power Hour.

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