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Chris has worked in and around the gaming industry over the past 16 years, including two gaming enthusiast websites and several freelance positions with mainstream media covering trade show expos, strategy guides, and game reviews.

The next digital legacy is here! Hands on with Destiny Beta

Beyond the final frontier, lies a remarkable experience.

It’s one of the most heavily talked about shooters ever since Bungie announced it and now, the beta is finally here. Find out our official thoughts through the eyes (and skills) of Hirostormwolf (aka Brandon Jumper). Be sure to of course subscribe to his channel as well at  and look out for more insight in the immediate future. Catch the video after the jump!

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Relive the Passion, Hype and Magic of EVO 2014

Come see the world of EVO come to life!

EVO 2014 may have come and gone, but it’s impact on this year’s attendees remains just as strong as if it happened yesterday. And thanks to the masterfully edited showcase created by Richard Li, everyone can relive some of the event’s most significant moments all over again – or the very first time, if this is new material.

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Watch the E3 MGS5: The Phantom Pain Clip (As Often as You Like!)

“Colonel, What’s a high-res E3 Youtube clip doing here?”

Can we ever get enough content related to Metal Gear Solid V? Well, seeing as its release is still well over a year away (yikes!), any type of trailer, news, or rumors will quell the most diehard Snake fan. Earlier this month, select E3 attendees were treated to an exclusive 30-minute gameplay demo showcasing The Phantom Pain in all its glory. The program was recently re-broadcasted, courtesy of Kojima Productions.

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That’s So Random: Getting Back on the Grind

Hype just stepped it up to another level.

Man, this summer is shaping to be an extremely hype and exciting year. Ultra Street Fighter IV finally dropped, E3 2014 set the tone for the new generation of consoles, and the crew is grinding to kick things to another gear. Yup, it’s just an awesome time to be a gamer and my wallet is about to get a whole lot smaller.

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East Coast Throwdown 2014 Gallery

The hype is back.


New Challengers: Resistance Gallery

Hosted in Stratford, CT


E3 2014: Destiny Sparks More Hype and Awe

Too. Much. Awesomeness.

It’s going to get rather difficult in the next several months to juggle my time with all these remarkable gems coming out for Xbox One, PS4 and the Wii U. Bungie is on course to shake up the gaming market once again with their upcoming project, Destiny. You may recall we featured a full-spread from contributing editor, Samantha (aka Persia). I know she’s going to be ALL over this, and with any luck, perhaps we’ll be fortunate for her to grace us with the proper coverage it rightfully deserves.

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