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Chris has worked in and around the gaming industry over the past 16 years, including two gaming enthusiast websites and several freelance positions with mainstream media covering trade show expos, strategy guides, and game reviews.

A Rare Alpha 2 Session Video Appears

Welcome back to the age of footsies!

Sometimes it’s great just to revisit your roots, and if you’re an avid old-school competitor like myself, you can certainly relate. Over the past few years, players old and young get together to casually spar in classic games like Street Fighter Alpha 2. We uncovered some unreleased footage featuring yours truly in action against some of the local New York talent while visiting Next Level about a year ago.

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Win a Copy of Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds

Something, something free (if you enter).

The all-new Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds has officially been released and PTB is giving two digital copies of the game. Get a taste of the old-school throwback featuring the cast of the hit Phantom Breaker franchise exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

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Review: Clash of Clans

Massively multiplayer action on the go has never been so enjoyable.

They’ve stuck again. Despite all our attempts to fortify our defenses and level up our troops to the highest level, every acre within the village was devastated. Our resources were completely wiped out and all I could do was think: “I can never turn this game off!”

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Intrigue and Peril Awaits in the Castle of Shadogate [Video]

Only the bravest can survive.

Although the long-awaited return of Shadowgate is still a week away, we wanted to share an all-new trailer showcasing some sweet gameplay action! Veterans of the NES classic (who by now would be in their mid 30-40s) should be delighted that this old-school franchise has finally made a next-generation debut.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie, Destiny is Now the Biggest Pre-Ordered Title in History

Aw shoot, we got ourselves a new badass over here.

Just about everyone within my social network reach (see: a lot) raved about their experience with the Destiny beta. And while a small percentage of gamers would love for you to believe that Bungie’s new IP won’t attract a significant amount of momentum to trump the galactic house that Master Chief built, the interest based upon Gamestop’s pre-order numbers indicate an entirely different reality: people WANT this game.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 11.24.12 AM

That’s So Random: Gear Up

What takes place now is just the beginning.

It’s hard to imagine that five months from now, I’ll be saying goodbye to another year and make resolutions for a bigger and better era. At least, that’s what I aiming for. After all, who doesn’t aspire for reaching new milestones and accolades? Well for me, there’s no greater feeling than looking back on your past and reflecting on how far you’ve come in a short amount of time.

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The next digital legacy is here! Hands on with Destiny Beta

Beyond the final frontier, lies a remarkable experience.

It’s one of the most heavily talked about shooters ever since Bungie announced it and now, the beta is finally here. Find out our official thoughts through the eyes (and skills) of Hirostormwolf (aka Brandon Jumper). Be sure to of course subscribe to his channel as well at  and look out for more insight in the immediate future. Catch the video after the jump!

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