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Chris Bahn

Chris has worked in and around the gaming industry over the past 16 years, including two gaming enthusiast websites and several freelance positions with mainstream media covering trade show expos, strategy guides, and game reviews.

Tempo Announcement Image

God Save the Queen, First Look at Tempo

Big cities always seem to be a major target when it comes to terrorist threats. Well, that tradition doesn’t seem to be showing signs of getting old anytime soon. Tempo, a new mobile game developed by Splash Damage and on track for for release in early 2015 has piqued our interest. Unfortunately details are a bit sparse at the moment, but the action-based title will put you in control of a s...[Read More]

Customization Goes to 9000 – New DLC Released for CoD: Advanced Warfare

Customization Goes to 9000 – New DLC Released for CoD: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and the development team is keeping fans interest on high thanks these all new customization items that officially launched this morning. If you head to the in-game store, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different packs to customize your weapons, player cards, gear and region emblems if you’re feeli...[Read More]

Life is Strange

Square Enix Announces Life is Strange

What would you do if you could change the flow of events based upon a premonition? Come next January, players will learn about what choice and consequence in the upcoming narrative adventure title Life is Strange. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, players will be introduced to a five-part episodic series that seeks to “revolutionize” games based upon our how actions can have a signif...[Read More]

Countdown to 2015 Xbox Live

Xbox Live Kicks Off Countdown to 2015 Discount Campaign

As we draw closer to end of 2014, Microsoft has launched a holiday countdown via Xbox Live offering customers a variety of enticing discounts on recent game releases. Certain offers will continue to run between now and the 22nd which deep discounts going as high as 75% off! In lieu of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, all offers featured are based around the iconic franchise. Source: Major...[Read More]

SEGA Launches Wrath of Sparta Campaign for Total War: Rome II

SEGA Launches Wrath of Sparta Campaign for Total War: Rome II

Seems gaming news in general has began to wind down as consumers everywhere gear up for the holidays to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. However, we did come across a new trailer for Total War: Rome II which coincides with the new campaign Wrath of Sparta expansion pack, now available on Steam for $14.99. The expansion pack recreates the Peloponnesian War as the fabled cities of Sparta...[Read More]

Team Spooky Says “Thank You, Everyone” via NLBC #100 Video Sendoff

Team Spooky Says “Thank You, Everyone” via NLBC #100 Video Sendoff

Last week, Team Spooky and Next Level Arcade (the spiritual successor to the iconic Chinatown Fair) kicked off its 100th tournament event as players throughout the TriState area and afar came out to celebrate in style. Vic “Spooky” Fontanez prepared a variety of exciting exhibition matches in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom and Ultra Street Fighter IV to spice up the standard tournament pro...[Read More]

LI Joe Breaks Down Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Preview

LI Joe Breaks Down Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Preview

The reality of Street Fighter V actually in development couldn’t have come at a better time for the fighting game community. With the stage being set for one of the largest payouts ever since the existence of the Capcom Cup (yo $500k), and our first official demonstration of the upcoming project, it’s safe to say that the Street Fighter franchise is definitely geared for a bigger and m...[Read More]

NEC 2015

NEC 15th Anniversary Photo Gallery is Live

We recently made our way out to Philadelphia for the 15th Anniversary of Northeast Championships, hosted by Big E Gaming. In the traditional PTB fashion, we captured several candid highlights from the event featuring some familiar names actively supporting the competitive scene. Below you’ll find a small sample. Like the content, give a click on our Facebook page. More can be seen at http://...[Read More]

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Heads to Steam

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Heads to Steam

Cue the master race jokes, but everything typically does seem to be a happier place when games exist on PC. Fighting games are no different (Ultra Street Fighter IV anyone?) as H2 Interactive is the latest publisher to bring BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend to Steam, following the series of recent Arc System works on the digital distribution model including Guilty Gear Isuka, Guilty Gear X2 #Reloa...[Read More]

Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix Confirms Several Final Fantasy Classics for PS4

It was only a matter of time before Square Enix would make its official presence on the PlayStation 4, even though if their upcoming titles are based upon classic IPs. Over the past weekend during the Sony PlayStation Experience event (as well as the PlayStation China press conference), Square ENIX officially announced Final Fantasy VII (YES!) and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will be making its way to P...[Read More]

Echo of Soul

Aeria Games Flexes With New Echo of Soul Trailer

Free-to-play titles have been soaking up the limelight over the past few years and Aeria Games (the talent behind Lineage II) is looking to step in with their upcoming MMO, Echo of Soul. The title takes place during the aftermath of an ancient war between the Giants and the Gods. Players are tasked with the perilous mission to locate six hidden soul fragments before the Giants devastate the world....[Read More]