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The Shamus Showcase: Thoughts on Sony’s E3 2014 Conference

 “After all guys, it’s all about the games, isn’t it?”

Running off the momentum that started at E3 last year, Sony continued to soar at the conference, for the most part at least. With the departure of Jack Tretton, there was a void that couldn’t be filled by the other host of the night.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Available For Pre Order On PSN

The day is almost upon us, grab your wallets!

Today, the PSN store updated, and Sony added a digital pre order option for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Which, comes with a custom theme and the Udon designed alternate costumes for Poison, Rolento, Hugo, Elena, and Decapre.
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Playstation Vita 2000 Borderlands 2 Bundle Has Been Released In North America

It’s priced to move, and it’s not even Black Friday.

Coming in at 199$, packing an 8gb memory card and a downloadable code for Borderlands 2, the Playstation Vita 2000 is priced competitively. Sony, fresh off the PS4 launch reinvigorating the Vita platform with this release.

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Analyst: Microsoft Should Leave Gaming

Is it time to Microsoft to cash out of console gaming?

On Wednesday, a Forbes contributor said that Microsoft should leave the video game business for good in order to focus on its main markets. He feels that Microsoft has nothing to gain to “catch up” with Sony’s technically leading PlayStation 4. Suggesting that the should surrender the Xbox brand to Nintendo didn’t exactly put a sweet taste in the mouths of Xbox fanboys.

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Downplaying the Xbox One Needs to Stop, Guest Editorial by Arthur Red Hill

More individuals need to keep an open mind.

As I browse the web, I can’t help but notice reputable sites like IGN, Forbes, and Gamespot, I can’t help but notice “reputable” and other sites out there speak on how the PS4 has sold 5.4 million units, how the Xbox One can’t output 1080p and 60fps. While, I think its clear that I am more on the side of Microsoft; mainly because its an American product which I think most people [in my circle] forget, I am NOT oblivious to the amazing product that Sony has.

But, It amazes me how desperate people (blogs, websites, etc etc) are quick to point out sales numbers and other info on a console (XB1) that is only in 13 territories for now! 

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