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Opinion: Facebook And Oculus Rift

As SNK used to say: The Future is Now.

Oculus Rift is one of the seminal names in the state of modern immersion gaming. The company has been refining its product and has been slowly working toward a consumer release. Facebook just bought Oculus for two billion dollars.

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Analyst: Microsoft Should Leave Gaming

Is it time to Microsoft to cash out of console gaming?

On Wednesday, a Forbes contributor said that Microsoft should leave the video game business for good in order to focus on its main markets. He feels that Microsoft has nothing to gain to “catch up” with Sony’s technically leading PlayStation 4. Suggesting that the should surrender the Xbox brand to Nintendo didn’t exactly put a sweet taste in the mouths of Xbox fanboys.

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Downplaying the Xbox One Needs to Stop, Guest Editorial by Arthur Red Hill

More individuals need to keep an open mind.

As I browse the web, I can’t help but notice reputable sites like IGN, Forbes, and Gamespot, I can’t help but notice “reputable” and other sites out there speak on how the PS4 has sold 5.4 million units, how the Xbox One can’t output 1080p and 60fps. While, I think its clear that I am more on the side of Microsoft; mainly because its an American product which I think most people [in my circle] forget, I am NOT oblivious to the amazing product that Sony has.

But, It amazes me how desperate people (blogs, websites, etc etc) are quick to point out sales numbers and other info on a console (XB1) that is only in 13 territories for now! 

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Xbox One vs. PS4: Which Console Should You Choose?

Analyzing which platform has come out on top (so far.)

Let’s face it, choosing the best console can be difficult. Some dismiss the bias altogether and simply purchase every current platform available, but what if you could only choose one? David Smith, aka Dayasha offers a comprehensive perspective on the pros and cons. And yes, he actually owns both systems, so be assured that the fanboyish variable doesn’t apply here. Enjoy.

[Note: Please be advised, there is some strong language in the event you watch this in the workplace.\

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The Rabbids Are Coming to a Theater Near You

They’re ready for their closeup.

It was only a matter of time before those watcy rabbit-like creatures would end up on the big screen. Today, Ubisoft in conjunction with Sony Pictures Entertainment confirmed that a full-length feature film based on the Rabbids is currently in development.

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PS4: It’s Here, It’s There, I Don’t Really Care

Hopping on the early adoption train is rather bleak right now.

The next generation, went from being “tea, earl grey, hot” to “meh, i’d rather not” in record pace for me

The day I got my PS4 was an odd moment in time, it was the first time I ever got a console at launch. Now, as I opened the box the words of a friend ran through my head. These words being “pioneers are the ones who end up with an arrow in their back.”

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