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Hackers Featured

Sony Servers Under Siege

PSN crippled by cyber vigilantes. 

This might bring back memories to the Anonymous hack back during 2011, and may have ruined many a gamers’ Sunday. But PSN services have been interrupted by a wide spread cyber attack currently underway. Continue reading


NIS America stuns us with new trailer and visuals for NAtURAL DOCtRINE

If you can work together, then you might make it out alive. 

This September, KADOWAKA GAMES, LTD. along with publisher NIS America bring you a unique strategy game of which preparation and teamwork are the utmost keys to survival. Hit the jump to feast your eyes on a brand-new trailer and screenshots of the Sony-centric game!

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In Space We Brawl Featured

Playstation Exclusive Beat-Em/Twin Stick Shooter Hybrid Announced

Streets of Geometry? Something might be in the water at Forge Reply.

It’s not very often one hears about a game that promises so much. Fusing a classic 90′s beat-em-up some twin stick shooter action. It’s in development, but this indie dev might be on to something.

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No Man's SKy

The Sodium Podium: The Eighth Generation Is Generation Indie

Embrace the games you have available, the next wave of unique triple A titles could be a long way off.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are both highly capable consoles. The fanbases surrounding both these consoles are at this point clamoring for new titles.  Big budget titles are lacking, but new unique and creative gaming experiences are being released every week. Indie devs are stepping up their game on consoles this time around.

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The Shamus Showcase: Thoughts on Sony’s E3 2014 Conference

 “After all guys, it’s all about the games, isn’t it?”

Running off the momentum that started at E3 last year, Sony continued to soar at the conference, for the most part at least. With the departure of Jack Tretton, there was a void that couldn’t be filled by the other host of the night.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Available For Pre Order On PSN

The day is almost upon us, grab your wallets!

Today, the PSN store updated, and Sony added a digital pre order option for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Which, comes with a custom theme and the Udon designed alternate costumes for Poison, Rolento, Hugo, Elena, and Decapre.
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