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pwnit featured

So You Think You’re Godlike? Pwnit! Would Like You To Test That Theory

See how your best moments stack up to the rest of the world.

Pwnit a  new video sharing service centered around gaming and social nerd stuff wants you! They want to see how good you are, to see if all that smack you talk makes you a legend or a lemming.

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Dead Or Alive Featured

Team Ninja’s Road To The Fall Classic Is Heating Up As New Partners Enter The Ring

Team Ninja is working over time to make sure that The Fall Classic will deliver for DOA fans in 2014.

If you are one of those people on the fence about getting out to events, and you need convincing to go and play the game you love offline. Team Ninja is putting forth a pretty convincing argument this year.

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Summer Jam 8

Hold Back To Block Brings The Hype In This Summer Jam 8 Teaser

The summer is ending, but the hype is just beginning.

It’s going down in two weeks in Philly. Big E and his crew are going to let everyone know where the summer ends and the hype starts in 2014.

You can pre register for Summer Jam 8 here, and it will all be going down on August 29th. Of course, PTB will be there in full effect for event photos (and perhaps some long-awaited interviews?)