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Does the Wii U Has the Best Version of “Bayonetta”?

Nintendo doesn’t always publish M-rated games. But when it does, it gives the PlayStation and Xbox versions a run for their money.

Eurogamer.net reported on three comparison videos for the original Bayonetta: one comparing the Wii U version to the Xbox 360 version; one comparing the Wii U version to the PlayStation 3 version; and one displaying all three versions side by side.

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Dead Rising 3 featured

Video Review: Dead Rising 3 PC

The Xbox One exclusive lets PC users through the velvet rope.

Last years highly praised launch title has landed on PC. Dead Rising 3 is now available and for the first time non-Xbox users can get their hands on it. It might be a case of be careful what you wish for. Watch our review of the game below.

[Editor's note, a patch was released post review and Capcom claims it fixes some of the issues with the launch version of the game.]

Alien Isolation Featured

Are You Going To Make It? SEGA gives you a peek at Alien Isolation

It’s even scarier when you know what’s coming.

Dropping on October 7th, Alien Isolation is a survival horror title that is looking really solid. To ramp up the anticipation SEGA is releasing a series of trailers leading up to the release; asking the question, “how will you survive?”



Xbox and Call of Duty Unite to Support Veterans

Help military veterans find meaningful jobs.

A very special Labor Day campaign has begun in  support of the Call of Duty Endowment. Gamers have the opportunity to receive a one of a kind Xbox 360 theme by making a donation to the Endowment.

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UMG logo

UMG Dallas Showcases Call of Duty’s Top Teams

CoD Ghosts teams head to Dallas to do battle

The action will be starting live on MLG.tv August 22 at 5 pm CT! Gandhi, Maven, Goldenboy, and MR X will be on hand to provide commentary all weekend long!

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Dead Or Alive Featured

Team Ninja’s Road To The Fall Classic Is Heating Up As New Partners Enter The Ring

Team Ninja is working over time to make sure that The Fall Classic will deliver for DOA fans in 2014.

If you are one of those people on the fence about getting out to events, and you need convincing to go and play the game you love offline. Team Ninja is putting forth a pretty convincing argument this year.

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