Resident Evil: Revelations coming to 360, PS3, Wii U and PC May 2013

Pricing details revealed along with new screens

On May 21st in the US and the 24th in EU, last year’s 3DS title, Resident Evil: Revelations will be coming to all major consoles and PC for $49.99. The game will not only be remastered in High definition, with improved lightning, it’ll also feature new playable characters, difficulty modes and enemies. For me, the biggest news of this is that HUNK will be playable in the co-operative “Raid-Mode”. The game will also be available for downloadable purchasing on PS3 and PC, with Wii U and 360 versions to come later.

As someone who missed this game due to not having a 3DS at the time, ‘m really stoked for this to come out. If you’re like me, make sure to look for Resident Evil: Revelations to make its debut later this year.

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