Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma 2 Gets Dated

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Team Ninja served a wealth of knowledge this afternoon surrounding the upcoming Ninja Gaiden sequel for the PlayStation Vita. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus is scheduled to ship nationwide later this month on February 26, 2013. It’s been touted to be “faster, bloodier, and more beautiful than ever” as Hayabusa and company  engage a slew of new challenges and new bosses:

And yes, we’ve got the image of the newly announced bosses as follows:

  • Genshin: The enemy of the Hayabusa clan has joined causes with Elizébet, Queen of the Greater Fiends, in his quest to take out Hayabusa and his father.
  • Alexei, Ruler of Lightning: One of the Four Greater Fiend Lords, he smites enemies with lightning-fast shocks and charges. Players should focus on evading his attacks before counterattacking.
  • Volf, Ruler of Storms: Another Greater Fiend Lord, this lycanthrope werewolf’s immense strength means most of his attacks cannot be blocked. Players should jump or evade attacks and go in for damage as he recovers.
  • Zedonius, Ruler of Flame: This Greater Fiend Lord attacks Hayabusa with high-damage hellfire and relentless close-range attacks. The key to beating him is reading his next move carefully.
  • Black Dragon: After losing to Hayabusa once before, the massive Black Dragon is summoned by Elizébet to exact its vengeance with a devastating variety of attacks.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus brings the most intense, action-packed ninja adventure to PS Vita with stunning graphics, new modes, and plenty of blood. In the game, iconic super ninja Ryu Hayabusa returns to the Sigma series to battle from Tokyo to New York as players encounters vicious enemies while building an awesome arsenal of ninja weaponry. The action lights up the Vita’s impressive OLED screen with upgraded graphics and the game features an all-star cast with signature characters from previous installments. An intuitive control system uses the PS Vita’s front and rear touch screens and motion controls to give players full control, and the game features all the costumes from the PlayStation 3 version of the game as well as new outfits.


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