Final Round 16 To Host a Bevy of Int’l Talent

This. Is. Epic.

Final Round has always been one of the most exciting tournaments, and this year will be no exception. Larry “ShinBlanka” has revealed the 16th installment will be attracting a diverse group of competitors throughout the country including intentional guests including several countries including Singapore, Saudia Arabia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Chile and even Japan will have representation.

We don’t want to take away from his epic message, so check out the following message announced earlier on Facebook:



So as of right now we have players from Singapore, Isreal, UK, Korea, Dubai (UAE), Saudia Arabia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and Chile planning to attend FR16 on their own efforts. This is shaping up to be one of the most international events in the world as the GLOBAL SATURATION of FINAL ROUND continues! With the great players coming internationally and the great players from The United States of America the FR16 hype is like the T-virus and it’s spreading around the world at an alarming rate! Also be advised that EVERY OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT winner at FR16 will receive free badge and entry of the game they won for the new tournament series started by Myself, BigE, SweetJohnnyCage, and LI Joe called “THE FALL CLASSIC”!

Our efforts are to build a stronger EC scene and we have a plan to do so with the ec community help. We beleive that the strength of any tournament is only as strong as it’s scene/region it caters towards. Seperately we have help grow our regions (The NE and the SE) with our own events, but for the past year we have asked ourselves “What would happen if we worked together on an event that could bring the east coast closer as a scene?” That answer = T.F.C. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new tournament series as we’ll be announcing ranbat qualifiers coming to an area near you.! Watch the team spooky stream at WB7 for the more info.

Final Round 16 encourages players to pre-register, which helps ensure players save time and money. This is just one of several events on the East Coast you definitely don’t want to miss. For more details, head to the official Facebook page, RSVP and interact with the community – support the scene!



This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. Make sure to pre-register to save time and money. If you have the means and ability, be sure to hit up the official Facebook page and get involved.

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