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Indie Developers Share Dreaded Experience on Reality Show

There are some Dews that are not worth paying.

On Monday, a some individuals went public on their horrible experience on a reality show codenamed Game_Jam, where teams of indie developers were to compete against each other to make the best games to present to judges for a chance to win the most prized drink in the gaming stereotype, Mountain Dew.

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Anti-Video Game Politician Leland Yee Gets Arrested for Corruption

Talk about a potential hypocrisy. 

California state Senator Leland Yee, a politician who is known to gamers for pushing an unconstitutional law targeted towards video games, was arrested for corruption charges on Wednesday. According to NBC Bay Area, The charges against Senator Yee include “conspiracy to traffic in firearms without a license, and to illegally import firearms as well as a scheme to defraud citizens of honest services”.

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