Ariel ‘FightingGM’ Capellan Joins DMG

Lee of Amurika

Early this morning, Dominion Method Gaming (DMG) announced on Twitter that Ariel ‘FightingGM’ Capellan as their newest edition to their fighting game division.

Fighting GM has been a well-known competitor in the scene over the past several years (Editor’s Note: he recently won Tekken 6 at East Coast Throwdown 4), consistently showcasing his talents as a strong, dominant player stateside and abroad. Although he has been known to casually compete in other titles, Fighting GM established his fighting game career with Tekken 5 at the age of 15, and has been an active competitor within his local scene.

His return will definitely generate a lot of hype and interest with Summer Jam 6 just around the corner and PTB will be sure to catch up with FightingGM to hear more about his insights and experiences.

For more information on Fighting GM, visit the official DMG website.

Details on Summer Jam 6, including registration can be found here.

Source: Twitter