Anarchy Reigns hits PSN Store

Bring order to the Anarchy, or be the reason for it

This game really needs more exposure than it has been getting. Throwing it into the store via digital download is a good look and a nice start for that. SEGA has announced that Anarchy Reigns, PlatinumGames’ frantic multiplayer action brawler, is now available on PSN for the PlayStation 3. The setting takes place in what most would call a typical post- apocalyptic world, follows the stories of Jack Cayman and Leonhardt Victorion as they attempt to track down a once-great enforcer of the peace who has strayed too far into madness. Where it does a nice job in the single player, It shines so much more in it’s multiplayer department,with one-on-one Cage combat or face all comers from all angles in a 16 player Battle Royale. Choose from 16 unique characters and duke it out across a variety of levels.

But I’m always a fan of.. “I wanna see a video of the game”, in which I aim to please:

The pricing of the game will be $19.99 in the store and will need about 3-4 gigs of hard drive space.

To check out more of Platinum games and their other projects, visit their website here

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