Ys I & II Chronicles + coming this Valentine’s Day

Skip the flowers & chocolate, go straight to the bump & grind.

Xseed is proud to announce that the first two entries, in the highly-acclaimed Ys series, will be hitting Steam this Thursday. Join Adol Christin, as he searches for the six books of Ys. While this story has been told countless times, on almost every platform imaginable, this remastered version will be the definitive one. Aside from delivering the classic Ys game-play, this edition offers up a host of new features, that will deliver the ultimate experience for Ys fans everywhere.

First off, three soundtracks are available. Whether players prefer the classic ‘80s FM-synth, that always memorable MIDI-style, or a more modern studio-recorded metal interpretation , this edition has it covered. To further tailor the Ys experience, multiple graphics settings are available. This edition offers wide-screen support, selectable art styles, and even pixel-scaling for those who like windowed mode. For anyone looking for more (or less) of a challenge, they can choose from four levels of difficulty, and take on all challengers in the boss-rush. Achievements, leaderboards, Steam-cloud support, and decorative screen frames round out this package.

Everybody who pre-orders now will receive 15% off of the 14.99 asking price. Be sure to check out the official website, for more information.