Xbox 360 Arcade Sticks/Pads Won’t Work for Xbox One (For Now).

Xbox 360 Arcade Sticks/Pads Won’t Work for Xbox One (For Now).

Spokeperson states the experience is not “possible with Xbox 360 wireless technology.”

Xbox One may be starting to seem less appealing to potential buyers as a new report posted from Joystiq reveals the console’s lack of backward compatibility support also includes extends to the Xbox 360’s accessories, including the original Kinect, arcade sticks and controllers. A Microsoft spokeperson informed Joystiq of the following:

While it’s safe to assume third-party adapters may materialize in the near future, the reality behind the matter is bound to spark some concerns once the next generation of fighting games emerge on the Xbox One if players will actually have to carry more than one accessory to competitive events.

The decision not to support older hardware is a bad move, regardless how they spin it as being “advanced technology”. Hopefully, Microsoft will consider developing a compatible adapter that supports 360 peripherals as I can’t imagine players will be looking forward to carrying more than one arcade stick around. As it stands, Microsoft is sticking to the notion that supporting backwards compatibility isn’t practical, suggesting that this impedes growth and development. In other words, this type of thinking is backwards.


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