Assassin's Creed III

Wii U Assassin’s Creed III DLC Packs Available on Nintendo eShop

Better late than never. . .now dig in!

Following the recent DLC availability on other formats, Wii U users can finally enjoy the latest Assassin’s Creed III DLC packs:The Hidden Secrets and The Battle Hardened, now available via the Nintendo eShop.

Details are as follows:

The Hidden Secrets for Assassin’s Creed III adds three extra missions, including the Lost Mayan Ruins, the Ghost of War and a Dangerous Secret, for an additional hour of gameplay, taking gamers from the lost Mayan ruins to the high seas. Every successful mission is rewarded with in-game weapons. Gamers will also receive:


  • Two single-player costumes including the fabled Captain of the Aquila uniform and the traditional Colonial Assassin outfit
  • Two multiplayer characters including the fearsome Redcoat and the deadly Sharpshooter


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The Battle Hardened pack extends the Assassin’s Creed III multiplayer experience with new playable characters and maps:


o             Three multiplayer characters including the influential Governor, the resilient Highlander and the fearsome Coyote Man

o             Three multiplayer maps including Charlestown, Fort St-Mathieu and Saint Pierre

The Hidden Secrets DLC is priced at $4.99, and The Battle Hardened is priced at $9.99. As you may recall, another epic DLC pack, “The Tyranny of King Washington,” will be released soon as an all-new single-player campaign told through three episodic content packs that lets gamers experience an alternate history of the events following the American Revolution.

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