Whoa! Wii U Hacked to Stream PC Games

Could this breathe new life into Nintendo’s struggling console?

The general consensus suggests that the Wii U is running on a short leash, and with the forthcoming Steam-powered “console” on the way, industry analysts and doomsayers are advising consumers to look elsewhere for their entertainment.

Fortunately, a group of savvy hackers have discovered a remarkable method that could offer gamers some additional use out of the system’s rather instead of tossing it in the attic.

Presented at this week’s Chaos Communications Congress in Germany, the team showed off some slick reverse engineering which allowed the GamePad to stream games and apps directly from the PC (as revealed in the video below.) The demo (begins at 47:30) offered an optimistic potential for hopeful Wii U owners looking to expand their gaming horizons by playing emulated games, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker running off a GameCube emulator streaming live on the PC. While still a work-in-progress, this may jumpstart a revolution amongst the hacking community, who could explore additional, creative concepts that utilize the Wii U hardware. Anything beats watching the console collect dust.

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