VXG Adds Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to ‘Casino Royale’ Event

It’s about to go down!

VXG 2013 has a robust selection of highlights taking place this summer. From the exclusive Mortal Kombat-themed banquet to the Casino Royale event where attendees (and viewers watching from home) can enjoy legalized high-stakes gambling on special exhibition matches. To further sweeten the attraction, Rolando has confirmed a new addition to the Casino Royale event entitled: Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Battle of the Gods.

mvc2The idea was triggered by a rivalry that sparked during Final Round 16, prompting tweets from EMP Sanford Kelly. . .

Ultimately, the discussion caught the attention of the community and Rolando invited members to acknowledge their interest in the form of 200 retweets to create arrange event that will reward the victor a pot bonus of 5K!

Can Sanford maintain his title as the MVC2 champion or will he get dethroned by Justin or IFC Yipes. The answer will soon be revealed. Start placing your bets and predictions now!