New “Lightning Returns” Screens and Trailer

New “Lightning Returns” Screens and Trailer

So who is this pink-haired chick?

Following up on our recent news highlight, Square Enix has released a bunch of screenshots and a new trailer for the newest chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Lighting Returns, which of course, is based upon the heroine of the thirteenth installment. The title is definitely shaping up to be an eye-turner and we’re sure you’ll agree based upon the new “extended look” trailer which showcases Luxerion, the divine city of light, which is one of the four regions of Nova Chrysalia (previously known as Novus Partus).

As a quick recap, this installment represents the definitive chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, concurrently tied into the developer’s 25th anniversary for the fan-favorite Final Fantasy franchise featuring Lightning as a playable character and will allow players to experience an active and expansive environment quite unlike previous action RPGs in the series.

Be sure to also check out the new set of screenshots added to our existing library featuring a new character, Lumina — a mysterious girl whose unpredictable nature wreaks havoc everywhere she goes.

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