Ubisoft Aims to Take Fighting Games to the Next Level with Fighter Within

Could this be combat evolved?

While the fighting game community has become accustomed to conventional fighters engaging each other directly on-screen, Ubisoft is looking to go the extra mile with the Fighter Within, a new 3D fighter currently in development for the Xbox One. The new title, introduced last weekend during Gamescom 2013 will make full use of the Kinect sensor where you’ll literally have to kick, punch, throw and perform combos similar to the popular titles available currently played within the competitive scene.



“Fighter Within taps into the ultimate fighting game fantasy by offering players the most engaging and physical motion fighting experience on Xbox One,” said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Ubisoft. “Players will square off against their friends to test their skills, prove their dominance and unleash their Fighter Within.”

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The announcement trailer unfortunately didn’t provide any substantial game footage, possibly since the game is still in the early stages of development, however the folks at VentureBeat had a chance go “hands-on” with the game while they were in Germany (see below.) The demo featured several characters which seem to have drawn some inspiration from Capcom’s iconic fighters: Chun Li and Sagat.  Hopefully they’ll take some cues from what makes titles like Street Fighter so addictive while incorporating some original concepts that may resonate with players. At the very least, it will definitely force players to get off their couch rather than simply giving their fingers an active workout.

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