Win an All-Stars Beta Access

Win an All-Stars Beta Access

Courtesy of Clash Tournaments

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo would eventually motivate a developer to design a game that’s conceptually similar to the Super Smash Bros., and who better to take on that honor than Sony? PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brings together a marquee cast of the company’s most popular franchises featuring characters from God of War, Sly Cooper, Bioshock, Little Big Planet and Parappa the Rapper. Since its initial announcement, gamers throughout the fighting game community have taken an genuine interest in the game since the development team is being lead by former Capcom Special Advisor, Seth Killian.

Got your attention yet?

Although the game recently was set back a month, development has been progressing well and now, you can have an opportunity to get a first-hand experience right at home, thanks to the folks at Clash Tournament.

Don’t worry, this won’t require anything that involves wacky photos or financial experience, you simply just need to broadcast a tweet and if your entry is selected, you’re in there! Details available in the image below.

Fire up that TweetDeck and get your message on there. Good luck.

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