Final Round Sponsors Recruit WNB Regular Xaiah

New challengers have entered the ring. 

This weekend is going to be filled with a lot of hype, excitement and high-stakes on the line as many of the nation’s best competitors assemble in Philadelphia for NEC XIII, hosted by Big E Gaming. Many familiar faces you’ve come to see, admire or have targeted as your next hit in tournament pools will be in attendance. Among them will include several new players who have been making a name for themselves over the past few months, including Joel Rosario, how most competitors encountered for the first time during Summer Jam 6 at one of the “Salty Suite” rooms. Joel’s performance against AGE Vangief and Wolfkrone sparked a lot of interest, eventually leading to Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon taking the young competitor under his wing as a sponsored player. Joel has been consistently winning the weekly sessions hosted in Georgia and will be present to test his might against the throngs of competition that will await him at NECXIII in AE 2012.

FR | Joel taking on challengers while FNEX | Titan, FNEX | Kbrad, Wolfkrone and others look on.

Meanwhile, in the FNEX battlegrounds, CEO Dayasha recently added a new member to the ranks, Isaiah Coley, a resident from North Carolina, who will make his first tournament major debut as FNEX | Xaiah. Recently, he took first place at Wednesday Night Brawl, hosted by Tierless Heroes. He’ll be competing in Super SF4 AE 2012 as well. It will be interesting to see how both of their respective results fare against some of the seasoned tournament competitors. Based upon scheduling of events, PTB will try to get a few words from both players about their weekend experience and insights. Stay tuned.


Tierless Heroes weekly crew poses with FNEX | Xaiah (pictured to the right), winner of this week’s Wednesday Night Brawl tournament.