The Gamer Slouch Unboxes Assassin’s Creed III: CE

No editors were harmed during the creation of this video.

Assassin’s Creed III has only been in the hands of the gaming community for less than 72 hours and the first batch of online gaming experiences featuring first-impressions and a personal favorite of many: unboxing the goodies. That’s essentially what Youtube partner, Rhoan Mindley (aka The Gamer Slouch) was able to control himself long enough to discuss the contents of ACIII: Collector’s Edition. The clip runs just a little over 8 minutes and contains tons of hype, depth and more hype.

We’ve already have our hands full with a few other epic titles that recently hit retail shelves over the past few weeks. Stay tuned for additional PTB hands-on reviews including our upcoming monthly feature. And if you have a Youtube video featuring gameplay, unboxings or something that you feel deserves a closer look. Let us know.

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