The Fray: Episode 11, Now on Youtube

The Fray: Episode 11, Now on Youtube

Infiltration leaves WW, Winter Brawl 7, and why players should stop joining crappy sponsors!

IPW (IPlayWinner) just wrapped up their latest FGC “The Fray” podcast a few hours ago. Tonight’s panel features Darry Huskey (host), Chris Ceglia (producer), Ryan Gutierrez, Arturo, Michael Yipes Mendoza, Paul Kugler, and Carter Gray. The episode covered a variety of current topics which included Infiltration leaving Western Wolves and is looking into potential new sponsors. No official comments have been disclosed about his departure, but more is bound to be disclosed soon. Perhaps he’ll join EG? And will he end up joining forces with Laugh since they’re essentially the Dynamic Duo?

Only time will tell. The group also covered a big concern: “bad” sponsors that players accept without giving much thought to the benefits (or lack thereof).

Also discussed: Winter Brawl 7, Ziff-Davis searching for a new buyer and what it could mean for the FGC. Plus, insights from Mr. IFC Yipes. It’s loaded with a lot of great, valuable input from several luminaries in the scene. Make sure to check it out.

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