Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

King Of the Iron First Tag Tournament Two

Hey guys! Mike from Fight Your Rival here. I’ve managed to pull myself away from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 long enough to write a proper review for it. You can check out an excerpt below, and read the whole thing here!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s flaws are few and far between. There is some infrequent yet noticeable slowdown during offline gameplay sometimes, and the game’s online menu sometimes takes a decent amount of time to load. These are things that should be easily patchable, and do little to deter this package, which is second only to last year’s Mortal Kombat in terms of quality in-game content. In a year where Street Fighter X Tekken skimped on features and Skullgirls is still awaiting a crucial patch, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has the potential to stand out as 2012′s best game in the genre.

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  2. Did you click on the link? There is more to the review lol.

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