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The Many Hardware Materials Used In Neck Lanyards

There is a wide variety of materials used as hardware for neck lanyards. This is because each material serves a specific purpose. Also, materials used in lanyards are dictated by the budget. So, here are some of the most common hardware materials used in lanyards today, also visit thelanyardauthority.com

1. J-Hooks

This is the most common material used in neck lanyards. It comes in a variety of sizes that is very easy to use. J-hooks come in a swivel or non-swivel option. The swivel option makes it possible for users to rotate the object attached to it. This material opens by applying pressure to one side and closes when pressure is removed. This material is very useful when used to carry keys, cellphone, pens and other similarly small objects.

2. Bulldog Clips

This is a clip that is most commonly used in ID cards. It is the least versatile lanyard hardware because it is only designed to hold items similar to ID cards that have a small oblong hole.

3. Split Rings

These attachments are always used in lanyards that are designed to carry keys. Split rings come in various sizes and are often used in other parts of the lanyard. For example, a smaller split ring can be used to attach a bulldog clip unto the lanyard itself.

4. Buckles (Quick Release)

This attachment makes it possible for users to remove a thing attached on to the lanyard without having to physically remove the whole lanyard around their neck. It is a very handy feature if the lanyard is used to hold keys or ID cards used in systems that require swiping.

There are two varieties of neck lanyards. Consumers can opt to buy lanyards with side-squeezed buckles or center push buckles. The actual buckle is made of very durable plastic that has female and male parts that come apart when squeezed or pushed.

5. Adjusters

Lanyards may come in various lengths. There are neck lanyards that come in one particular size while there are lanyards that can be adjusted in length using this attachment. A size adjuster is usually installed behind the neck at the top of the lanyard. It makes it possible to slide up and down the lanyard depending on the desired position of the attachment. With this hardware, users can actually adjust the position of their ID cards on their chest.

6. Cellphone Holders

Neck LanyardsThis consists of a small buckle with a nylon loop that can be used to attach to a cellphone. It makes it possible for users to access their phones conveniently without having to constantly hold it. This hardware is very popular these days because cellphones are smaller and lighter to carry around the neck.

7. Water Bottle Holders

This attachment is made out of rubber and a ring that can be stretched out around water bottle necks. This attachment is very durable and can practically hold a full one-liter bottle. The ring is commonly sewn on to the nylon material, so users can be assured of its durability.

8. Breakaway Connectors

There had been problems in the past regarding old lanyard versions that are made with a continuous loop. This old version proved to be dangerous in case the lanyard gets caught on to something. Hence, lanyards today have breakaway connectors that make it possible to remove without physically removing the whole lanyard around the neck.

Breakaway connectors are most commonly in front of the lanyard or on top of it (behind the neck). There are various types of breakaway connectors that can be used in specific materials. So, the materials used will actually dictate the type of breakaway attachment to be used in the lanyard. For example, a tube breakaway is used in cord lanyards, but a stitch-on breakaway can be used in flat materials.