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The R/L Button: The FGC Academy

 Class is in session.

French Fighting game player Kayane recently announced that would start a new project in Paris called “Kayane Academy”, where she would teach fundamental skills that could be applied most fighting games (and for free, no less). Her motive behind this admirable gesture is simple: bring in new players the competitive scene desperately needs. If Kayane is willing to teach new players in France, why can’t other players teach in the rest of the world and grow the fighting game community?

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ESGN or FGC? Kbrad Breaks it Down

Dayasha chats with his teammate about “Fight Night”. Is this the future for the FGC?

Hours after his return from Germany as a guest on the new web broadcast, ESGN, Kbrad took some time away from the stick to share his experiences with his fellow brother-in-arms/friend/Big Boss, FNEX | Dayasha.

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The R/L Button: FGC Twitter Wars

What a week for the FGC…on Twitter!

Over the last week the there were a few Twitter wars that certainly got noticed by the fighting game community. Although social media clashes are common, there were three that stood out among the rest. Time to grab some Cheddar Goldfish and read all about the madness. Continue reading