Street Fighter Monopoly

That will be 40 Bison dollars, please

My 21st birthday has come and gone. And with it came two things; lots of drinking and Street Fighter Monopoly. While I can’t recommend the first, Street Fighter Monopoly is definitely a nice addition to my collection of Street Fighter goodies. And actually, if you haven’t played the Monopoly drinking game I would give that a try too.

The first thing I noticed when I got the set was the artwork, which for the most part was created solely for the board game. The box displays such familiar faces as Ryu and Ken, and includes some lesser known characters such as R.Mika as well. Everything from the box art to the board looks amazing. Each property on the board has been replaced a stage from Street Fighter history, with its corresponding character’s portrait prominently displayed under it. Unfortunately this caused me to lose pretty quickly, as I spent all of time trying to buy the Cammy property. Just about everything else on the board has been given a Street Fighter theme as well. The Community Chest and Chance spaces have been replaced with Bonus Stages and Random Selects for example. And most importantly the money has been replaced with; you guessed it, Bison Dollars. This creates a fun feel to the game that is definitely enjoyable to anyone who has played Street Fighter before.

There was only a couple things that I felt could have been done better. The first is the player tokens. In case you didn’t know, they include Ryu, Blanka, Bison, Vega’s mask, Chun’s bracelet, and a hadouken. The first 3 are characters, and the next 3 are more or less symbols from the Street Fighter universe. Why they divided it up like this, I do not know. The 3 character tokens in my opinion are the worst looking in the set. The pieces try to fit too much detail into small areas, and as a result don’t do the characters justice. I would have much rather seen 3 more symbols instead. Replace Bison with the Shadaloo logo, for example. The second thing that kind of turned me off was the fact that despite being referred to as ‘Dojos’, the houses and hotels look exactly the same as they do in regular Monopoly. I can’t say this really matters, but why bother calling them dojos if you aren’t going to bother making them look like it?

So should you buy it?

Yes. I would definitely recommend picking this set up. Keep in mind though that I didn’t have a set of Monopoly before I got this. But even if you do, your set won’t have Bison dollars, will it?


UPDATE: Our Review was read by the manufacturers and appreciated!

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  1. I wont go out my way to buy this, but if I come across it, I’ll buy it. In 5 years it will be a collector’s item.

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