Playstation Network’s Good October

Playstation Network’s Good October

PSN’s Fall of Arcade?

Today was a very good day for Sony’s Playstation Network, thanks to the announcement that October is going to be an amazing month for releases.  Seriously, check this out-

October 9-  Machinarium, Retro City Rampage, Joe Danger 2 The Movie
October 16- The Unfinished Swan

Add in the already-known 10/30 release of Okami HD and the PSN “spend $100 in October, get $20 PSN credit in November” promotion is looking pretty easy to attain, especially if you haven’t sprung for the fantastic Tokyo Jungle yet. So what makes this particular set of release announcements so amazing?

Machinarium is the PSN port of Amanita Design’s wonderful point & click adventure game.  Odds are good that, if you care, you probably own it already, thanks to it being on special for a hair over a nickel any number of times on PC, but if you’ve got even the slightest fondness for adventure games and haven’t had a crack at it, Machinarium truly is something special.



Joe Danger 2 is the stunt-filled sequel to, obviously, Joe Danger, but stuffed to the bursting point with new gameplay styles that mold themselves perfectly around the original gaming concept of racing at speed down a track while collecting all the goodies and trying not to wipe out too many times.



The Unfinished Swan is a game I’ve been dying to play the full version of since my hands-on time at E3.  The stark white world is defined by throwing paint around, as the splatter gives form to the featureless world.  Level 2 has water, and the developer promised other unspecified surprises later, but I was already hooked from level 1.  It’s an art game, sure but a lovely and engaging one.



Finally, Retro City Rampage emerges from development purgatory to see the light of day at long last.  This was another one I got E3 hands-on time with, and it feels perfect.  The 8-bit stylings are cute, sure, but the actual gameplay and its endless homages to the NES era combined perfectly.  I found myself wanting to play more both for the fun of it and to see what the next classic reference would be.  It didn’t just swipe from the old games, it remembered to make them fun to play.

Fall is always a dangerous time to be a gamer, although I have to admit that there’s less and less at retail to divert my attention.  The mad energy of the download games, on the other hand, has been taking up every bit of gaming time I’ve got, and Sony has done a great job of lining up a selection guaranteed to eat into every second available.

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