PlayStation 4 Report Suggests Sole Focus Won’t Be Based on Graphic Prowess

This aren’t the news you’re waiting for. . .

The hype train for the PlayStation 4 has been picking up steam since Sony teased the world with it’s upcoming press conference taking place at a press conference in New York City on February 20th. For some now, rumors have ran rampant regarding the potential hardware capabilities, allegedly consisting of 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and 1080p HD resolution in 3D at 60 fps.

A new report from Nikkei, gathered from a unnamed corporate executive, however, suggests that Sony might be looking to approach its newest console with a different approach beyond graphic flexing as a selling-point, but instead may be designed to offer users a more innovative approach to interacting with mobile devices. If Microsoft’s SmartGlass is any indication, it would make perfect sense if Sony followed suit, and perhaps took cues from the Wii U and expand further on some of the capabilities showcased in the Wii U “controller”

Analysts and hopeful minds expect the PlayStation 4 will launch in October and cost under 400. 

[Source: BGR]

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