Pixeljunk Inc.’s Teaser Trailer

Pixeljunk Inc.’s Teaser Trailer

Soup is a surprisingly complicated business.

You know what would have completed Terraria? Creating a business empire based around exporting soup throughout the galaxy. Q-Games is addressing this deficiency with its own 2D free-roaming random world action/exploration game, in the form of Pixeljunk Inc. This time, however, the object is to create a factory, manage its subsystems, supply it with power, defend it from attack, and export the tastiest canned product to ever grace your section of the universe. You’ll still be running around and exploring, mining, and fighting off creatures, but now it will be in service of your capitalistic desires. Pixeljunk Inc. is still coming together, so Q-Games is still hammering out some specifics (maximum number of people on a server, for example. 20? 100? Lots more?), but the teaser trailer shows the lovely complicated creations that can arise when a simple system is given room to grow.

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