Paper Mario: Sticker Star Now Available

Platforming just got sticky. 

Mario is back for a new handheld adventure that will step away from the traditional platformer formula. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a new portable turn-based adventure for the Nintendo 3DS that challenges players to solve puzzles and execute attacks using stickers that are discovered throughout the game. Sticker Star is best described as a shoebox diorama that offers a relative degree of depth without the need for 3D glasses.

As player explore the game, new stickers which are either in plain sight or require some additional effort to find. Using a technique called “paperization”, you’ll be able to flatten the game world, allowing Mario to solve puzzles, such as moving a windmill blade that blocks his path in order to reach hard-to-reach areas. Once the stickers have been placed in the correct spots, then world will transform – revealing new areas to explore. Sticker Star will feature a variety of stickers that vary in different shapes, sizes and effects that aid in puzzle solving or attacking enemies.

Sticker Star is currently available at retailers nationwide, or you can digitally download the title via the Nintendo eShop. Club Nintendo members who download the game and register before Jan 6, 2013 will receive a special bonus: a free voucher code to receive Donkey Kong: Original Edition, a release that has never been released in North America and can not be purchased in stores.

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