North East Championship XIII Post Stat Report

Full Official Results of the final East Coast major of the year!

North East Championships XIII has come to a close and as the age of eSports continues to develop, old and new teams are setting a precedence for the standard in professional competitive gaming. Aspiring pro fighting gamers try to measure up to in terms of both single and team brands to compete with. Let’s take a look back at the placings for some of the competition at NEC XIII.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1st – (AGE) NYChris G.
2nd – (BT) IFC Yipes
3rd – (BT) Dieminion
4th – Meep
5th – Josh Wong
5th – Disgruntled GOA
7th – Ranmasama
7th – (BT) MarlinPie

After Glow Elite (AGE) Chris G. wins his first major tournament of the year under Team AGE who recently acquired Chris G. only a few weeks ago. By winning NEC 13 he goes on to win the last Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament of the year defeating Brokent Tier‘s (BT) IFC Yipes in the Grand Finals. The two titans have are now tied in their rivalry as the best in the East with major victories over each other. The score stands as 1-1.  BT display their dominance behind AGE by not only taking 2nd but 3rd and 8th through Dieminion and MarlinPie respectfully.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

1st – (BT) Dieminion
2nd – (UYG) NuckleDu (Empire)
3rd – Happy Medicine
4th – (EG) Ricky Ortiz
5th – (LOUD) Zeus
5th – (AG) Lucky D
7th – (AGE) Flash Metroid
7th – L.I. Joe

Broken Tier (BT) Dieminion wins yet another Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 Major. However the story of the competition was Empire Arcadia‘s (EMP) newest member Nuckledu; sponsored by Up Your Game (UYG). Nuckledu surprised everyone by putting on a spectacular performance, showing casing the next generation of talent by beating Evil Geniuses (EG) Ricky Ortiz, (LOUD) Zeus, Happy Medicine and After Glow Elite (AGE) Flash Metroid to place 2nd for EMP. NuckleDu and Dieminion mirror matched each other with Guile vs. Guile as the crowd chanted “Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom”! They tediously threw Sonic Booms at each other until one read the other and either jumped in for a combo or used their Ultra Special to counter the standard Sonic Boom. In the end the match drew out to the final round of the final game in the first set only for NuckleDu to lose by a pixel of life in comparison to Dieminion’s health in a classic time over session. Both players were given a standing ovation for their high level of play.

Mortal Kombat 9

1st – (OBS) REO (Empire)
2nd – (VSM) Maxter (Empire)
3rd – (DMG) CD Jr.
4th – (RM) SawnikFawx
5th – (EGP) Tyrant
5th – (GGA) 16-Bit
7th – (VSM) RIU48
7th – Tom Brady (Empire)

Empire Arcadia (EMP) REO supported by (OBS) The On Blast Show was hands down the most valuable player of the tournament. REO won all 4 Mortal Kombat tournaments from MK9, MK2, UMK and MK9 Teams with his team mate Maxter, as he continues to push the case for being  the all time winning Mortal Kombat Champion. Dominion Method Gaming‘s (DMG) CD Jr. who defeated REO in winners to send him in to the losers bracket fell short to REO as the champion came roaring back from the losers bracket. REO’s Team mate (EMP) Maxter showed an impressive 2nd place showing again. Maxter who was up 2 sets against REO, dropped a few crucial combo’s which gave REO the momentum to reset the brackets. Maxter eventually gave up his lead as he was only a few games away from defeating REO and taking his first NEC ever for Mortal Kombat 9.

Street Fighter x Tekken

1st – (UYG) Nuckledu (Empire)
2nd – (EG) Ricky Ortiz
3rd – (KPB) Jeron “Hiro” Grayson (Empire)
4th – (LU) Alex Valle
5th – (VXG) Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
5th – DragonGod (Empire)
7th – Jibbo
7th – (EG) Floe

Empire Arcadia’s (EMP) NuckleDu sponsored by (UYG) Up Your Game complimented his second place standing in Super Street Fighter 4 by winning the Street Fighter X Tekken competition without going to the losers bracket. He also defeated some top competition to win; defeating his team mate (EMP) Sanford Kelly, Evil Genius (EG) Ricky Ortiz who are seasoned veterans in the fighting game competitive scene for the last decade.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

1st – (CT) Jason “M2K” Zimmerman (Empire)
2nd – Nairo
3rd – (Apex) Vinnie
4th – (VGBC) Kingtoon
5th – (LoF) Jband
5th – (CT) Vex
7th – Bloodcross
7th – GDX

Empire Arcadia (EMP) Mew2King sponsored by (CT) CLASH Tournaments dominated the Smash Bros. tournaments as he won Brawl, Melee and Melee teams. He took second in Brawls teams as the all time winning Smash Bros. champion continues to add to his resume in dominating fashion.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

1st – (CT) Jason “M2K” Zimmerman (Empire)
2nd – Hax
3rd – Unknown522
4th – The Moon
5th – Chillen
5th – Swedish Delight
7th – Raynex
7th – Eggm

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1st – (XS) Ace Unlimited
2nd – (AGE) NYC Fab
3rd – OFDP
4th – (MS) Mr. Taxi
5th – BloodHawk
5th – LOC
7th – Fighting GM
7th – (DMG/MCZ) Kor

The favorite  to win NEC XIII Tekken Tag 2 Tournament was without a doubt After Glow Elite’s newest acquisition (AGE) NYC Fab. The Tekken phenom fell short to a next generation competitor (XS) Ace Unlimited which shaped up to be a excellent Grand Finals. (AGE) Fab staged a crowd cheering comeback but fell short as he was crucially baited into whiffing a launching move in which Ace Unlimited back stepped and then stepped back in to launch him and finish NYC Fab with a game winning combo.

Here are the rest of the results for all the champions and top 8 players for NEC XIII:  

Soul Calibur 5

1st – Xephukai
2nd – (DUX) Hawkeye
3rd – Lost Providence
4th – Reptile
5th – RTD
5th – Thermidor
7th – (GR8) Woahhzz
7th – Ramon

Dead or Alive 5

1st – XCaliber Bladez
2nd – Shade Swifteye
3rd – (RM) SawnikFawx
4th – Black Mamba (Empire)
5th – Low Sweep
5th – Rikuto
7th – Mr_Kwiggle
7th – MMA Boss

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

1st – (TSB) Souji
2nd – (2500) Dora
3rd – LordKnight BB
4th – Kirisame
5th – Xie
5th – Sp00kyBoogie
7th – Kirbster
7th – (GC) ApologyMan

King of Fighters 13

1st – (FGC) Bala
2nd – (AGE) Romance
3rd – (TSB) Zidane
4th – RyRy
5th – MarcoPolo
5th – Malik
7th – (TSB) Religion
7th – Sole Chris

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

1st – Senkei
2nd – Robot
3rd – (2500) Dora
4th – (BT) MarlinPie
5th – A3R
5th – Mulligan
7th – (TSB) Biscuits
7th – (RPD) Alex Smith

Persona 4 Arena

1st – Kirisame
2nd – (TSB) Souji
3rd – LordKnight BB
4th – SuperKawaiiDesu
5th – Matt Coma
5th – (GC) ApologyMan
7th – DSmoove12
7th – ZomB

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

1st – Johosef
2nd – Lowsweep
3rd – Rare Entity
4th – (EMPR) Snake Boss
5th – Winback
5th – Dipstick
7th – ???
7th – ???

Super Street Fighter Alpha 2

1st – (KPB) Jeron “Hiro” Grayson (Empire)
2nd – (PTB) Chris Bahn
3rd – Diago
4th – (EG) Floe
5th – Comeback
5th – ???
7th – ???
7th – ???

Mortal Kombat 2

1st – (OBS) REO (Empire)
2nd – MK KillBill
3rd – David_Gem
4th – JamessMK
5th – Summoning
5th – ???
7th – ???
7th – ???

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

1st – (OBS) REO (Empire)
2nd – Shock
3rd – LihustlaChris
4th – ???
5th – ???
5th – ???
7th – ???
7th – ???


Mortal Kombat 9

1st – (OBS/VSM) REO + Maxter (Empire)
2nd – (RM) SawnikFawx + Blackula
3rd – Shanxter + Starcharger

Super Smash Bros. Melee

1st – ??? + (CT) Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman (Empire)
2nd – ???
3rd – ???

Super Smash Bros. Smash

1st – Apex Vinnie + Nairo
2nd – Inui + (CT) Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman (Empire)
3rd – (CT) Chibo + (CT) Vex

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

1st – Team Evil Geniuses
2nd – The King & His Two Ladies
3rd – Team Empire Arcadia

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1st – Team AGE
2nd – Team Roach King
3rd – Team GU

Soul Calibur 5

1st – Team Jumping is Useless
2nd – Stab + Ringouts
3rd – Carry Me Thermidor

Dead or Alive 5

1st – Shady Kwiggles
2nd – The Fat and Deadly RikiWah
3rd – Team I’m Godlike


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