New Pokemon X&Y Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon Bowties are cool.

What would a Pokemon game be without a new evolution for everyone’s favorite Pokemon with four Es in its name? A bad one, that’s what. But worry not, because Pokemon X & Y are continuing the tradition of Eevee Eevolving with “Ninfia” the name is presumably derived from the flower of the same name, especially considering that it even shares color similarities.

The news of this new Pocket-monster came from “CoroCoro” also revealing the new Pokemon mini-movie that will play before the upcoming Genesect movie which has been renamed “Extremespeed Genesect and Mewtwo’s Awakening.”

Though the new type and how you evolve Eevee into this masterpiece of Easter and Tootyfruity  were not revealed, the announcement has me convinced that there’s a new Pokemon project on the horizon.

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