New Eventhubs Fight Tracker Makes It Easy To Find New Players

Today Eventhubs unveiled “Fight Tracker” , an awesome new way to find solid competition in fighting games. Fight Tracker allows you to find players by certain skill level, location, or game. Here is a brief excerpt from Eventhubs to give you an idea of some of the features.

The major components are:
• Player search: Sorted by distance, it shows you which gamers are nearby so you can either play in person or find people with low ping times for online gaming. An advanced search system lets you filter which system(s), games and skill ratings you want to see in the results. For example, if you only want to play people on PSN who are a skill level 8 or higher in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 and reside in a 100 mile square radius, it’s possible to set this up, along with many other specific scenarios.

• Profile pages: Our new profile pages give you access to private messages, blocking and the ability add friends to your EventHubs account. You can also view details about other users, including the games they play and their gamertags, plus past comment history.

• Private messaging: We also have a private messaging system available now, so you can contact other users directly and setup gaming sessions and more.”

This is definitely something that needed to happen, and will hopefully grow to be one of the greatest tools in the Fighting Game Community. To give it a try, click here.